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erectile tissue located within vestibule of vagina; female genitalia

Ejaculatory duct

duct formed by joining of ductus deferens and duct from seminal vesicle that allows sperm to enter urethra


mucus membrane lining the uterus


tubes that carry sperm from testes to vas deferens


female sex hormone secreted by ovary


sex cells; sperm in males, ova/egg in females


external reproductive organs


essential organs of reproduction; testes in males, ovaries in females

Mons pubis

skin-covered pad of fat over symphysis pubis in females


muscle layer of uterus


female gonads; produce ovum


female sex cells


male genitalia; organ enabling sperm to enter vagina

Prostate gland

secretes fluid into semen that helps sperm maintain activity and mobility


male sex cells


male gonads; produce sperm


fertilized ovum after sperm enters


hormone stimulating development of an egg in females

Asexual reproduction

reproduction of one-celled organisms that do not produce specialized sex cells

Labium minora

"small lips" of the vulva of the vagina

Labium majora

"large lips" of the vulva of the vagina

Bartholin's gland

secretes mucus-like lubricating fluid in the vagina; located on either side of vaginal outlet

Fallopian tubes

conduct the ovum from the ovary to the uterus


hollow, muscular organ where a fertilized egg implants and grows


internal tube from uterus to vulva

Polar body

small, nonfunctional cell produced during meiotic divisions in the formation of female sex cells; incapable of being fertilized


fingerlike projections attaching ovary to fallopian tube


termination of menstrual cycles in the female


pouchlike sac that contains the testes in males

Seminal vesicle

pouchlike glands that contribute 60% of seminal fluid volume; secretions provide source of energy for sperm

Vas deferens

muscular tube that allows sperm to exit from epididymis and pass from scrotal sac into abdominal cavity

Cowper's/bulbourethral gland

secretions lubricate the terminal portion of the urethra in males; located below the prostate gland

Corpus cavernosa

two columns of erectile tissue found in the shaft of the penis

Corpus spongiosum

column of erectile tissue surrounding the urethra in the penis


tail of the sperm allowing it to swim


specialized structure on the sperm containing enzymes that break down the covering of the ovum to allow entry


middle portion of sperm; contains mitochondria which produces energy allowing the sperm to swim


top portion of sperm; contains nucleus and genetic material from the father; covered by acrosome


outer layer of uterus

Glans penis

sensitive head portion of the penis

Menstrual cycle

cyclical changes in the uterine lining


passageway for elimination of urine; in males also acts as genital duct that carries sperm to exterior


nuclear division in which the number of chromosomes are reduced to half their original number; produces gametes


indirect cell division involving complex changes in the nucleus

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