80 terms

A&P Chapter 19

Plasma proteins that are necessary for blood clotting are the
Red blood cells are formed in
red bone marrow
..... anemia results from inadequate supplies of vitamin b12
The waste product bilirubin is produced from
portions of heme molecules that do not contain iron
In adults, erythropoiesis primarily takes place in
myeloid tissue
The process of RBC production is called
Erythropoiesis increases when
oxygen levels in the blood decrease
The percentage of whole blood occupied by cellular elements is the
the average amount of hemoglobin in the blood of an adult female is
15-16 g/dl blood
a person's blood type is determined by the
presence or absence of specific molecules on the cell membrane
a person with type A blood has
(b) AGGLUTINATION in their plasma
a drifting blood clot is called
area where smooth muscle cells store larghe quanities of li[pid are called
blood volume represents ab about... percent of a person's body weight.
average volume of blood in an adult male is ...and an abult female
male-5-6L female-4-5L
erythropoiesis is closely regulated by a circulating hormone called
erythropoiesis-stimulating hormone
hormones called... are involved in regulation of white blood cells
colony-stimulating factors
a fibrin network that contains trapped blood cells and platelets is called
blood clot
plasminogin is activated by an enxyme called
tissue plasminogen activator
the porphyrin ring of heme con tains an atom of
the waste product bilirubin is formed from
excess iron is stored in the liver and bone marrow in
the heart is surrounded by the
pericardial cavity
the superior portion of the heart where the major blood vessels enter and exit is the
the infereior point ofthe heart is called the
the... is and internal wall that seperates the two atria
interatrial septum
the... is an internal wall that seperates the two ventricles
interventricular septum
deep grooves and folds on the inner surface of the ventricles is called
trabecule carneae
the ...circuit carries bllod to and from all perts of the body
...are blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart
the... circuit carries blood to and from all parts of the body EXCEPT the lungs
.... are blood vessels that carry blood towards the heart
the...is the same as the visceral pericardium and covers the outer surface of the heart
the muscle layer of the heart is the
the.. lines the chambers of the heart, the heart valves, and is continuous with the lining of the attached blood vessels
the cells responsible for establishing the rate of a cardiac contraction are the
nodal cells
the slower than normal heart rate is called
a faster than normal heart rate is called
the period between the start of one heartbeat and the beginning ofthe next is called the
cardiac cycle
the contraction phase of the cardiac cycle is called
the relaxation phase of the cardiac cycle is called
an abnormal pattern of cardiac activity is known as
... are abnormal heart sounds
the backflow of blood from one chamber to another or from one of the large vessels to the ventricle is called
in a condition called... the cusps of the mitral valve do not close properly
mitral valve prolapse
.... is a condition in which the heart is unable to maintain an adequate cardiac output
heart failure
the... is the amount of blood in a ventricle at the beginning of systole
end-diastolic volume
the relationship that more blood entering the heart will result in more blood being pumped out of the heart is known as
"Starling's law of the Heart"
the term... refers to degenerative changes in the coronary circulation
coronary artery disease
the term for reduced blood flow to the cardiac muscle is
coronary ischemia
in a procedure known as... and inflatable balloon at the end of a catheter is used to remove plaque from blood vessels
balloon angioplasty
a procedure in which a small section of a peripheral vein is used to create a detour around an obstruction in a coronary artery is called
coronary bypass surgery
the pulmonary semilunar valve prevents blood flow from entering the
right ventricle
the lub heart sound isdue to the
closing of the atrioventricular valves
the systemic circuit circulates blood from the
left ventricle to the right atrium
the alternating expansion and recoil of an arterial wall is termed
incomplete closing of the ...valves will cause the heart ...respectively.
which blood vessel has the highest concentration of carbon dioxide
pulmonary arteries
the pacemaker of the hear is termed
SA node
the electrical changes that occur in the heart during contraction are recording termed
oxygenated blood enters the heart at the
left atrium
hemoglobin is NOT
normally found free in the plasma
which specific component in hemoglobin combines with oxygen
iron in the heme
all of the following may be found in the blood except
aged RBC's are destroyed in the
spleen of the liver
a person with normal blood volume and white cell counts, but low red cell count or low hemoglobin conent may be suffering from
the element in your blood necessary for clotting process is
the long insoluble threads of a blood clot originate from
initiate clotting
accumulation of cholesterol beneath the inner lining of arteries is called
higher than normal bloof pressure is called
HTN (hypertension)
a person who is blood type AB has
antigen A&B on the surface of RBC's
a person who is B positive will have
B antigen, antibody a, Rh antigen`
excess fluid compresses the hert, limiting its ability to pump blood, this condition is called..
cardiac tamponade
blood vessels that carry blood to and from the lungs
pulmonary circuit
bloob vessels that carry the functional blood supply to and from the body tissues is called..
systemic circuit
thoracic pain caused by a fleeting deficiency in blood delivery to the myocardium
angina pectoris " choked chest"
prolonged coronary blockage which can lead to..
myocardial infrction " Heart attack"
cardiac cells re electrically coupled by the Gap junctions, the myocardium BEHVES as a single coordinated unit or..
functional syncytium
inflammation of the pericardium