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Ballistics Bertino Chapter 18

Chapter 17 Bertino Ballistics
the science dealing with the motion and impact of projectiles, such as bullets, rockets, and bombs
the end of the barrel attached to the firing mechanism of a firearm where the cartridge is loaded and unloaded
a projectile that is fired from a gun
the measure of the inside diameter of a firearm barrel or often the measure of the outside diameter of a bullet
a case that holds a bullet, primer powder and gunpowder
fully automatic
a firearm with a clip fed mechanism that fires repeatably as the trigger is pressed.
A portable weapon capable of firing a projectile using confined explosives. Example: pistol or rifle.
the ridges (raised areas) found on the inside of a firearms barrel that are created when the firearm is manufactured and which create grooves on the bullet when fired.
the indentations found on the inside of a firearms barrel that are created when the firearm is manufactured and show as lands on the bullet
the end of the barrel from which the projectile exits the firearm
a firearm which can be held with one hand.
a firearm that has a long barrel; a long gun which shoots bullets and may single shotb, semi-automatic or automatic
a pistol with a revolving cylinder
the spiral pattern of lands and grooves in the barrel of a firearm. All guns except shotguns have rifling patterns. There purpose is to spin the bullet for accuracy.
a pistol with a clip fed mechanism that fires one shot per pull of the trigger, the empty cartridge ejects and the next cartridge advances automatically.
the path of flight of a projectile
shell casing
the metal (usually brass) housing for the gunpowder of the a firearm
head stamp
Numerals, letters, and symbols on the base of a cartridge showing the manufacturer, caliber, and code. Contains tool markings once fired that can be used to match to the gun.
firing pin, ejector, extractor, breech
These parts of the gun will create tooling marks on a bullet that is characteristic of that particular gun
hollow point, full metal jacket, soft point
design of bullets that represent the bullets ability to penetrate, pass through or inflict maximum damage on a target. Soft points and hollow points break up or spread out on impact, full metal jack penetrates further or passes through
gun shot residue
Known as GSR. Materials created by the discharging of a firearm that are dispersed by the force of the expanding gases onto the skin and clothing of the shooter, close victim or others next to the shooter. Contains the elements, lead, barium and antimony. Result of primer and secondary powder explosion.

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