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Characters that appear in Homer's "The Iliad"

Achaeans/ Danaans/ Argives

The different armies/ regions of Greece that are opposing Troy


Son of Thetis and Peleus, best warrior who is invulnerable (except for his heel). Also known as "the swift runner." His mother is Thetis and he presides over the Myrmidions. He gets into an argument with Agamemnon over his slave girl (Briseis) which results in him refusing to fight. Then, he goes to his mother and tells her to ask Zeus to change the tide of battle in favor of the Trojans so that Agamemnon will apologize to him.


Son of Zeus and Leto, twin of Artemis, god of the sun, music, poetry, prophecy, and archery. Known as "the lord of the silver bow." Apollo is on Troy's side (principle divine champion of the Trojans). Brings a plague upon the Greeks for 10 days because Agamemnon stole one of his priest's daughter.


Primary seer/ prophet for the Greeks, reveals why Apollo is plagueing the Achaeans.


Slave girl of Agamemnon until Apollo demands he give him back to the priest (she is his daughter)


Father of Chryseis, priest of Apollo who prays to Apollo to bring a plague upon the Achaeans


town located in Greece near troy


King of Olympus, god of lightning and the air, trying to keep a balance between the (god) supporters of Trojans and Greeks. Grants Thetis's request that the tide of battle be shifted in favor of Troy, hates Ares


Queen of Olympus, wife of Zeus, supports Greeks because she lost the beauty contest, suspicioius of Zeus


"wise old man" of the Achaean army, tries to bring civil peace within the Greek armies (Agamemnon and Achilles) but fails.


Mother of Achilles, immortal sea nymph, saved Zeus when there was a rebellion within Olympus, grants Achilles's request to turn the tide of battle to favor the Trojans


God of fire and the forge, son of Hera, he is lame (because he was thrown off of Mr. Olympus when he tried to intervene and create peace when Hera and Zeus were fighting), wife of Aphrodite


Greek general, ruler of Ithaca, convinces Greeks not to flee and leave Troy (with help of Athena) and motivates the armies to stay and fight. One of the only Greeks who is not diminished by the war.


Slave girl of Achilles, taken by Agamemnon but then given back


Father of Achilles, wife of Thetis


Wife of Agamemnon, murders Agamemnon when he returns from the war


Commander in chief/ general of the Achaeans, has major arguments with Achilles, takes Briseis


Achilles's best friend, Achaean, killed by Hector when he pretends to be Achilles


Son of Atreus, referring to Agamemnon OR Menelaus


Father of Agamemnon and Menelaus


Previously sheperd boy, decided victor of beauty contest between Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena; chose Aphrodite, current wife of Helen, prince of Troy, son of Priam


King of the Titans, father of Zeus, wife of (Titan) Rhea


King of Troy, father of Hector and Paris


Wife of Priam, Queen of Troy, mother of Hector and Paris


Original husband of Helen, ruler of the Mycenaeans, son of Atreus (referred to as Atrides), duels with Paris


Goddess of wisdom, warfare, crafts, and justice, patron of Athens, supporter of the Greeks (because she lost the beauty contest), referred to as Pallas (occasionally), helped Odysseus convince the Greek armies not to retreat and return home


Son of Telamon, king of Salamis, fights for the Greeks


Champion and prince of Troy, son of Hecuba and Priam, most valued fighter for the Trojans (the Achilles of the Trojan army)


Daughters of Zeus and Hera, there are 9 of them, represent inspiration


God of medicine, son of Apollo, supports the Greeks


King of Thessaly, Greek fighter (archer)


Son of Asclepius, head healer for the Greeks, heals Menelaus, Agamemnon, and Diomedes, wounded by Paris


River of the underworld, Achilles was dipped in it and it made him invulnerable, ferried by Charon


Goddess of the rainbow, messenger of the gods, sent by Zeus to warn Athena and Hera of the consequences of too much divine interference and also to tell Hector to attack only when Agamemnon becomes wounded


Son of Aphrodite and Anchises, a Trojan captain later founder of Rome, for the Trojan army


Father of Aeneas, Cousin of Priam,


God of war, (Roman Name: Mars), becomes wounded by Diomedes, much hated by Zeus

Scaean Gates

Fortified gate and principal entrance to Troy


Most beautiful woman in all the world, daughter of Leta lawful wife of Menelaus (but currently married Paris), starts the Trojan war when she is taken by Paris against her will, she does not like Paris at all,


Brother of Helen, fighter for the Greek army


Brother of Helen, fighter for the Greek army


Trojan elder, counselor of Priam, the "Nestor" of the Trojan army.


goddess of love, winner of the beauty contest, supporter of Paris, in favor of Troy, daughter of Dione, wounded by Diomedes,


Messenger of the Gods, in favor of the Greeks, god of travel, escorts Priam to Achilles so that he can ask for his son's body back, Roman name: Mercury,


Trojan archer, wounds Menelaus to end truce, also wounds Diomedes but killed in the process


Wife of Hector, mother of Astanyax


Father of Diomedes


"The Kindly Ones," servants of Hades


Trojan spy who is found by Odysseus and Diomedes. He gives the Greeks information about the Trojan armies' wherabouts and is then killed

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