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  1. heterotroph
  2. cell
  3. taxonomy
  4. homeostasis
  5. eukaryote
  1. a an organism that cannot make its own food.
  2. b (biology) the basic structural and functional unit of all organisms
  3. c process by which organisms maintain a relatively stable internal environment
  4. d the scientific study of how living things are classified
  5. e organism whose cells contain nuclei

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  1. The remains or traces of an organism preserved from the geologic past
  2. a bodily process occurring due to the effect of some foregoing stimulus or agent
  3. a classification grouping that contains similar, closely related organisms
  4. an experiment where all but one variable are kept constant
  5. A living thing

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  1. nucleusthe dense area in a eukaryotic cell that contains nucleic acids, the chemical instructions that direct the cells activities


  2. unicellularconsisting of many cells


  3. multicellularhaving or consisting of a single cell


  4. evolutionthe gradual change in a species over time


  5. stimulusa change in an organism's surroundings that causes the organism to react