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Land and Resources of the Southwest


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What is thought to have caused the Grand Canyon to form?
erosion from wind and the Colorado River
Who lived in adobe and ciff homes?
What are some things tourists can do at the Grand Canyon?
walk the rim, see the view, mule rides, learn about wild life, visit Native American villages
What things continue to cause erosion to the Grand Canyon?
wind and water
Who was the first person to call it the Grand Canyon?
John Wesley Powell
Who still lives in the Grand Canyon today?
Havasupai and Pueblo people
Who helped the Grand Canyon become a national park?
Theodore Roosevelt
Who harms animals in the Sonoran Desert?
Describe the climate of the Southwest
hot, humid, dry, windy
What is a desert?
an area that gets less than 10 inches of rain per year
Define arid
dry but not desert like
How have plants and animals adapted to living in the desert?
they are able to live in areas that are dry and have little water
What region has the same climate throughout the entire area?
What types of plants live in a savanna?
pinon pines and junipers
What is an oil well that produces a large amount of oil?
Name some industries in the Southwest
space, aircraft, computers, electronics, calculators
Why is oil a non-renewable resoruce?
it cannot be replaced by nature
What is a refinery?
a factory that separates oil into its different chemicals
What is one of the world's largest radio observatories?
The Very Large Array
Name three products that can be made from oil
fuel, medicines, fibers for clothing, detergents
What type of technology is common in the Southwest? Why?
Space and airplanes. The Southwest has alot of opn land that allows for easy takeoffs and landings
Describe how erosion formed the Grand Canyon?
The Colorado River carried sand and rocks that helo cutout the canyon. Rainwater washed away rock. Wind blew sand particles that wore away rock.
Why should we conserve oil? What would happen if we ran out of oil?
Oil is a non-renewable resource that can be replicated by nature. If we ran out of oil, we wouldn't have fuel for cars and would need to fina a new fuel source.
How could miners earn money from tourists?
They could charge money for tours of the canyon and sell souvenirs.