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What size film is called "pedo film"?

Size 0.

The main advantage of using fast film is.....

Less exposure to the patient.

A bitewing is also known as....

An interproximal radiograph.

Periapical film is used primarily to examine the region around the apex of the root of a tooth. Periapical films also....

A) Show the shape, length, and number of the root,
B) Show the condition of surrounding and supporting structures.
C) Comes in various sizes.

What is the purpose of the fixing solution?

To remove silver salts which have not been exposed to x-rays.

The ___________ is the most sensitive part of the face.

Lens of the eye. (the colored part)

Dental x-ray rooms should have sufficient barriers, which should be....

Lead-lined walls

What size film should be sued for a regualar adult periapical?

Size 2

What can be the final result of an operator holding the film in a patients mouth?

Amputation of the fingers or hand.

The operator should stand _______ away from the patient when taking x-rays.

6 ft

When you no longer use an x-ray machine you must report the discontinueance of use to the ___________.

State Department of Public Health.

What would be used to avoid goadal exposure to x-rays?

a lead apron

What is an impregnated sheet?

A LEAD LINED sheet that is 1' by 2' and .25mm

The use of the film badge is to monitor what?

A) Evaluate personal habits
B) Evaluate the effects of an increased work load
C) Evaluate the effects of added x-ray equipment or change of existing equipment.

What material is used to filter out the long wave x-ray photons from the centeral ray?


What is the cathod filament composed of?


How will an overdeveloped radiograph appear?

Dark with some image

If a small amount of white light leaks into the darkroom during processing the film will appear____.


If the film is accidentally placed in the mouth backwards with the foil next to the teeth, one may expect the film to _______>

Show a herringbone pattern.

At what setting would the x-ray have the greatest penetrating power?

90 kvp

What color does a radiolucent structure appear?


An opaue structure appears....

WHITE only!

Extending from the alveolar bone the posterior hard palate, what is the thin radiolucent line running between the root of the maxillary centeral incisors and is visable on most radiographs?

Median Palatine Suture Line

When the hamular process is observed on an intraoral film, it will be viewed on the film of the....

Maxillary molar area.

Which of the following tissues are not radiopaque?
A) Enamel
B) Alveolar Bone
C) Cortical Palate
D) Periodontal Membrane

D) Periodontal Membrane

The _______ will appear radiopaque.

Nasal Spine

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