Chapter 31: An Era of Social Change

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-Some aspect of the counterculture left an imprint in the world

-The counterculture's rebellious style lefts it mark on the word due to the rise of pop art in the 1960s. Pop artist like Andy Warhol led the movement to bring it to mainstream. Pop art was bright, simple, commercial-looking images often depicting everyday life.
-Icons such as Marilyn Monroe and other icons of mass culture. These images were repeated to look mass produced and impersonal, a criticism of the times implying that individual freedom had been lost to a more conventional, "cookie-cutter" lifestyle

Rock Music:
-These music represented its loud and biting anthem of protest.
- [ The Beatles: Propel rock music to the mainstream. Inspired other bands to the side of rock music
-[ Woodstock Music and Art Fair: This festival represented the 60s movement of peace and love and some higher cultural cause. Despite the huge crowd, it was peaceful and well organized.
-Demonstrated the popularity of rock music

Changing Attitudes:
-"Do Your Things" left a philosophical mark in society. American attitudes toward sexual behaviors became more casual leading to what became known as the sexual revolution.
-For millions of Americans, the new tolerance was merely an uncivilized lack of respect for established social norms. Lead to Americans to be more liberal about dress and appearance, lifestyle, and social behaviors.

The Conservative Response:
-In the late 60s many people thought that the country was losing its sense of right and wrong. People began to voice their anger