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  1. Small, dense region within most nuclei in which the assembly of proteins begins
  2. Specialized structure that performs important cellular functions within a eukaryotic cell
  3. Network of protein filaments within some cells that helps the cell maintain its shape and is involved in many forms of cell movement
  4. One of two tiny structures located in the cytoplasm of animal cells near the nuclear envelope
  5. Cell organelle that stores materials such as water, salts, proteins, and carbohydrates

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  1. LysosomeSmall particle in the cell on which proteins are assembled; made of RNA and protein


  2. ChromatinGranular material visible within the nucleus; consists of DNA tightly coiled around proteins


  3. Endoplasmic ReticulumMaterial inside the cell membrane—not including the nucleus


  4. Nuclear EnvelopeLayer of two membranes that surrounds the nucleus of a cell


  5. Golgi ApparatusOrganelle found in cells of plants and some other organisms that captures the energy from sunlight and converts it into chemical energy