Four Quadrants and nine regions of the abdominopelvic cavity

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Nine Regions delineated by four planes and four quadrants.

1) Hypochonadriac ( Right and left)
2) Lumbar ( Right and left)
3) Iliac (Right and left)
4) Epigastric (upper mid)
5) Umbilical (center mid)
6) Hypogastric (Pubic)
Four Quadrants:
Right Upper (RUQ), Left Upper(LUQ), Right lower(RLQ), left lower(LLQ).


centermost region, which includes the umbilicus


region immediately superior to the umbilical region;
overlies most of the stomach

hypogastric (pubic)

region immediately inferior to the umbilical region;
encompasses the pubic area

iliac (inguinal)

lateral to the hypogastric region and overlying the
superior parts of the hip bones


region between the ribs and the flaring portions of
the hip bones; lateral to the umbilical region


region flanking the epigastric region laterally and
overlaying the lower ribs

right upper

liver, gall bladder, part of the stomach, small and
large intestine

left upper

part of the stomach, spleen, small and large intestine

right lower

appendix, cecum, large and small intestine

left lower

large and small intestine

left hypochondriac

mainly the spleen and part of the stomach


mainly the stomach and part of the liver

right hypochondriac

mainly the liver and the gall bladder

left lumbar

left kidney, part of the descending colon and
part of the small intestine


umblicus, small intestine, and part of the
transverse colon

left iliac

part of the sigmoid colon, left ovary, and the
fallopian tubes (in the females)

right lumbar

right kidney and part of the ascending colon

right iliac

appendix, cecum of the ascending colon,
right ovary, and the fallopian tube (in the females)

hypogastric (or pubic)

the uterus (in the females), and the bladder

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