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Chapters 5-8

Chapters 5,6,7,8
Which of the following statements regarding ageism is least accurate?
a. People are evaluated differently based on their assumed age.
b. Ageism describes how myths and misconceptions about older people produce age based discrimination.
c. Ageism only affects older Americans.
d. Older people are stereotyped as slow in their thinking and movement, unable to change, and cranky.
The age-based categories through which people pass as they grow older are called ____________.
a. social class
b. the life course
c. social stratification
d. rites of passage
The term ageism was introduced by sociologist ____________ to describe how myths and misconceptions about older people produce age-based discrimination.
a. Claire Renzetti
b. Elizabeth Jones
c. Robert Butler
d. Edwin Sutherland
The age category that has grown more rapidly over the past three decades that any other age group in the U.S. is ____________.
a. young adulthood
b. oldest-old
c. middle-aged
d. young-old
The most powerless individuals in society are ____________ and ____________.
a. children; adolescents
b. the old-old; the oldest-old
c. infants; children
d. adolescents; young adults
Which statement is least accurate regarding adolescents?
a. Adolescents may be defined as people in the age group of 15 to 24.
b. The line between childhood and adolescence is blurred which creates an identity crisis for many children.
c. Adolescents may be defined as people in the age group of 13 to 19.
d. The term adolescence was first used in the early 18th century to describe members of gangs that formed in large cities.
A form of aging that is most associated with environmental factors and lifestyle choices is called ____________.
a. geriatric aging
b. Senescence
c. Alzheimer's disease
d. secondary aging
Molecular and cellular changes in the body brought about by aging are called ____________.
a. secondary aging
b. gerontology
c. senescence
d. ageism
The "graying of America" has been created by a combination of which of the following factors?
a. industrialization; urbanization
b. increased life expectancy; decrease in the birth rate
c. social security laws; older politicians
d. decreased life expectancy; increased crude death rates
People in the "old-old" category of aging range in age from _____ to _____.
a. 65; 74
b. 56; 64
c. 85; 100
d. 75; 84
The framework for explaining how people cope with the process of dying developed by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross that begins with denial and concludes with acceptance is the ____________ approach.
a. task-based
b. dying trajectory
c. social acceptance
d. stage-based
In the task-based approach to explain how people cope with dying, the category of ____________ is performed to satisfy bodily needs.
a. social tasks
b. psychological tasks
c. physical tasks
d. spiritual tasks
Janice has just completed a document that declares she does not wish to be kept alive through elaborate life-support systems if she contracts a fatal illness or is involved in a near-fatal accident that leaves her scientifically brain dead. This document is called ____________.
a. a primary directive
b. the dying trajectory
c. euthanasia
d. a living will
The field of ________ examines the biological, physical and social aspects of the aging process.
a. Gerontology
b. anthropology
c. epistemology
d. Oncology
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act was passed in _____ to protect workers age _____ and above from unfair employment practices based on age.
a. 1970; 35
b. 1960; 55
c. 1964; 50
d. 1967; 40
The leading killer of people over age 65 is _____________.
a. cancer
b. heart disease
c. kidney failure
d. Stroke
According to the concept of the ____________ approach, people move toward death in different ways, ranging from sudden to slow.
a. task-based
b. disengagement theory
c. dying trajectory
d. stage-based
The disease called "the old folk's friend" is ____________.
a. Stroke
b. heart disease
c. Pneumonia
d. Cancer
In 2000, _____ percent of women age seventy-five and above lived alone and _____ percent of the men age seventy-five and above live alone.
a. 25; 15
b. 49; 21
c. 55; 50
d. 32; 50
About _____ percent of older people live in an institution, such as nursing homes.
a. seventy-five
b. twenty-five
c. five
d. fifty
Housing which provides amenities such as housekeeping, dining facilities, and transportation services are referred to as ____________.
a. work houses
b. congregate housing
c. senior citizen centers
d. geriatric centers
The perspective that focuses on the relationship between life satisfaction and levels of activity is the _____________ perspective.
a. conflict
b. interactionist
c. functionalist
d. structuralist
The perspective that states aging itself is not the social problem but the problem is rooted in the societal conditions that older people often face without adequate resources such as income and housing is the ____________ perspective.
a. functionalist
b. conflict
c. interactionists
d. structuralist
The theory that suggests older people want to be released from societal expectations of productivity and competitiveness is ____________.
a. subcultural theory
b. activities theory
c. integrated theory
d. disengagement theory
The theory suggesting that older people are happier and better adjusted when they maintain involvement in business, a hobby, or other interest after retirement is ____________.
a. exchange theory
b. subcultural theory
c. disengagement theory
d. interactionist activities theory
Although there is discrimination against many different age groups, there are more stereotypes about the physical and mental abilities of older people. (T/F)
Prior to the twentieth century, the concept of adolescence did not exist. (T/F)
Because of child labor laws and the intervention of government control, adolescents in the United States no longer work in dangerous and hazardous conditions. (T/F)
Today, the United States has the highest life expectancy of any industrialized nation at 87 years. (T/F)
Sociologists use the age pyramid to show the distribution of a given population by age and sex groupings at various points in time. (T/F)
Gerontologists have discovered the needs of the "old" are relatively similar as soon as someone enters the young-old category. (T/F)
An organization that provides a homelike facility or home-based care for people who are terminally ill is called an assisted living facility. (T/F)
The institutionalized separation of an individual from his or her occupational position with a continuation of an income from a pension based on prior years of service is called retirement. (T/F)
People over 65 years of age account for more than half of all dollars spent on health care in the U.S. (T/F)
Dependency ratio is the number of workers necessary to support people under age 15 and over age 63. (T/F)
Researchers at the University of Chicago identified three criteria for identifying people as heterosexual or bisexual. Which of the following was not one of these three?
a. Self-identification as a gay man, lesbian, or bisexual.
b. Accusations by others the individual is gay, lesbian, or bisexual.
c. Sexual involvement with one or more persons of one's own sex.
d. Sexual attraction to persons of one's own sex.
Sally just dropped out of her Introduction to Sociology class because she discovered that several female classmates and at least one of her male classmates belong to the gay and lesbian student union. In view of this, which statement best describes Sally.
a. Sally is obsessed with sex.
b. Sally is a hermaphrodite.
c. Sally is bisexual.
d. Sally is homophobic.
Which of the following religions does not condemn homosexuality?
a. Buddhism
b. Islam
c. Judaism
d. Roman Catholicism
What is the significant accomplishment Gene Robinson made to the national spotlight on issues of sexual orientation?
a. He was the first openly gay bishop confirmed in the history of the Episcopal Church.
b. He was the Congressman from Massachusetts who sponsored the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.
c. He was the first person to successfully file for a same-sex marriage license in the United States in 1998.
d. He won five gold medals in swimming at the 2004 summer Olympic games for the United States.
Which of the following Supreme Court cases addressed the constitutionality of state sodomy laws?
a. Plessey v. Ferguson
b. Furman v. Georgia
c. Roe v. Wade
d. Bowers v. Hardwick
Which statement is most accurate regarding the trend of court decisions regarding gay rights issues?
a. Because of affirmative action legislation there are no gay rights issues that have appeared before the court,
b. Since the passage of the Defense of Marriage Act gays and lesbians have been declared to have every right granted to heterosexuals.
c. Gays and lesbians are usually victorious in their suits against individuals or employers when it addresses discrimination.
d. Many gay rights issues are won or lost on a case-by-case and state-by-state basis.
Which of the following statements is least accurate regarding domestic partnerships?
a. Couples in a domestic partnership have the same rights and benefits granted married couples.
b. Domestic partnership is another term to refer to the union of a man and woman in legally sanctioned marriage.
c. Domestic partnerships benefit gays and lesbians living together.
d. Domestic partnership is an important issue for individuals in cohabitation, regardless of their sexual orientation.
James and Frank are a gay couple recognized as a domestic partnership. James is a highly paid accounts executive and Frank is a stay-at-home partner who manages the home. In view of this, which of the following benefits would be least likely for Frank and James to share?
a. Frank can use James' medical benefits that are a part of his employment package.
b. Frank can inherit any property James wishes to grant him in his will.
c. Frank and James can buy a home together and both be recognized on the deed.
d. Frank and James can file a joint tax return.
What is the basic emphasis of the Defense of Marriage Act that Congress passed in 1996?
a. It provided greater tax deductions for married couples, regardless of their sexual orientation.
b. Homosexuality is illegal based on federal statute.
c. It legally prohibited gays and lesbians from holding specific federal positions.
d. It denies federal recognition of same-sex marriages.
Which two states in the United States have legalized same-sex marriages based on the textbook?
a. Vermont and Massachusetts
b. California and Massachusetts
c. Florida and New Jersey
d. California and Florida
In which of the following countries could someone legally join in marriage to a person of the same sex?
a. Spain, Canada, and Belgium
b. Vietnam, Sweden, and Denmark
c. Canada, Belgium, and Japan
d. the Netherlands, Spain, and China
Based on the textbook, what does the research on children being raised by gay or lesbian couples suggest?
a. Girls raised by gay couples are prone to become lesbians in their sexual orientation as they enter young adulthood.
b. Children raised by gay parents are typically well adjusted and the parents often serve as role models for equal sharing in the family.
c. Boys raised by lesbian couples are prone to become gay in their sexual orientation as they enter young adulthood.
d. The children are prone to grow up with a sexual identity crisis, especially during puberty.
Individuals who hold a belief system that denies, denigrates, and stigmatizes any gay, lesbian, or bisexual behavior, identity, relationship, or community are called ____________.
a. hermaphrodites
b. compulsory heterosexists
c. super males or super females
d. sexists
Gay men have a 25 to 84 times higher rate of contracting which of the following diseases when compared to heterosexual men?
a. lung cancer
b. pneumonia
c. gastro-intestinal and rectal disease
d. heart disease
The third leading cause of death among African Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 and the sixth leading cause of death among Latino/a and non-Latino/a whites in the same age group is ____________.
b. homicide as the result of domestic violence
c. heart disease
d. prostrate cancer
The President of the United States who mandated that "sexual perverts" be fired from federal jobs was ____________.
a. William Jefferson Clinton
b. Ronald Reagan
c. George W. Bush
d. Dwight D. Eisenhower
The President of the United States who gained the support of the gay and lesbian community and made subtle changes in how the military treats gay and lesbian military personnel was ____________.
a. William Jefferson Clinton
b. Jimmy Carter
c. Lyndon B. Johnson
d. John F. Kennedy
The Clinton Administration's policy toward gays in the military can be summarized by the phrase ____________.
a. "Don't ask, don't tell."
b. "We love each other as much as we love our country.
c. "Proud to be a gay American."
d. "We're queer...we're here...long live the U.S.A."
. The University of Wyoming college student who was beaten to death in 1999 because of his sexual orientation was ____________.
a. Cornelius Washington
b. Richard James
c. Matthew Sheppard
d. Mark Richards
The part of the brain that governs sexual arousal that is stimulated in homosexual men and heterosexual women by the testosterone-related scent in sweat is the ____________.
a. pre-frontal lobe
b. hypothalamus
c. cerebral cortex stem
d. medulla oblongata
The perspective that focuses on heterosexual and homosexual conduct as learned behavior and on the process by which individuals come to identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or straight is the _____________ perspective.
a. psychological
b. functionalist
c. symbolic interactionist
d. conflict
The organization that classified homosexuality as a type of disease and suggested treatment ranging from castration to electro shock therapy until 1973 when it removed it from its list of diseases was the _____________.
a. Department of Defense
b. Roman Catholic Church
c. American Psychiatric Association
d. American Medical Association
From the _______ perspective, norms pertaining to compulsory heterosexuality reflect the beliefs of those with the most power.
a. conflict
b. symbolic interactionist
c. functionalist
d. structuralist
The emphasis on "family values" that seeks to preserve the traditional definition of marriage as a lifelong legal and religiously sanctioned union between a man and a woman falls under the _____________ perspective.
a. functionalist
b. conflict
c. symbolic interactionist
d. neo-conflict
The International Lesbian and Gay Association reports that more than ____ lesbian and gay groups exist in over 50 nations today.
a. 100
b. 750
c. 1000
d. 300
The preference for emotional-sexual relationships with individuals of the same sex, opposite sex, or both sexes is referred to as gender identity. (T/F)
Because the major religions of the world historically have regarded homosexuality as a sin, none of the major religions have known gays or lesbians among their ordained ranks. (T/F)
Sodomy laws have been struck down by the Supreme Court as being unconstitutional. (T/F)
In a domestic partnership, a gay or lesbian partner is entitled to all rights of a legally recognized spouse, including social security benefits and immunity from testifying against their partner. (T/F)
Children raised by gay and lesbian couples typically grow up to be well adjusted with an added appreciation of equal sharing. (T/F)
Most gay men receive better diagnoses and treatment than heterosexual men because they are more prone to see their personal physician more often because of the threat of contacting HIV/AIDS. (T/F)
Because of the executive order of President William Jefferson Clinton, gays and lesbians can now serve in the military without any fear of reprisal for declaring their sexual orientation. (T/F)
Violent acts directed against people based on their sexual orientation continue as a social problem despite legislation aimed at qualifying such acts as hate crimes. (T/F)
The theory of a "gay gene" being the cause of homosexuality has been rejected by most biologists because of the research results found after studying gay twins. (T/F)
The concept of compulsory heterosexuality is best understood from macrolevel, rather than a microlevel, analysis. (T/F)
Civil law and criminal law are virtually the same with the only difference being in the sentence awarded by the court. (T/F)
Throughout recorded history prostitution has been condemned as a moral blight on society. (T/F)
Because criminal law clearly prohibits prostitution and communities see that these laws are enforced prostitution dos not qualify as a social problem in the United States. (T/F)
Call girls are at the top of tier level of prostitution. (T/F)
Many people drift in and out of prostitution, considering it temporary work between full-time jobs or as part-time work while attending school. (T/F)
Conflict analysts using a liberal feminist framework believe that prostitution should be decriminalized. (T/F)
There are clear standards of what constitutes pornography and who should have access to it. (T/F)
The terms obscenity and erotica are virtually identical when referring to sexually explicit material. (T/F)
Research on pornography consistently suggests it is a catalyst to sex crimes and the degradation of women. (T/F)
The Communications Decency Act of 1996 sets the standard for what is considered as sexually offensive on the Internet and for pornographic material that is shipped interstate. (T/F)
Informal norms or everyday customs, such as the way we dress and eating habits, which may be violated without serious consequences, are called ____________.
a. folkways
b. civil laws
c. sanctions
d. mores
The view of deviance that relies on conformity to established social norms, specifically folkways, mores, and laws, is most aligned with which of the following approaches?
a. Deviance is the application of a humanist approach.
b. Deviance is based on labeling approach.
c. Deviance is a social construct.
d. Deviance is objectively given.
Which of the following examples least qualifies as a method of social control?
a. Establishing a women's studies program at a state university.
b. Campus police raiding a party where underage drinking is suspected.
c. Sentencing a convicted serial killer to death.
d. The practice of shunning by the Amish to encourage rule violators to change their behavior.
Sexual relations between two mutually consenting people who are not married to each other (or to anyone else) are classified as ____________.
a. statutory rape
b. fornication
c. adultery
d. promiscuous sex
Which statement best describes society's reaction to prostitution over its 4,000 year history worldwide?
a. With the exception of the United States, prostitution has always been accepted as a legitimate profession for women.
b. Prostitutes have been highly admired and they have been classified as moral degenerates.
c. Prostitutes have always been looked down upon as moral lepers of society.
d. Prostitution has consistently been an accepted profession in democracies and denounced in dictatorships.
In which of the following social situations is the demand for prostitution the greatest?
a. The demand for prostitution is greatest during periods of economic boom when men have extra money to pay for additional vices.
b. The demand for prostitution is high everywhere because of the instinctual sex drive among all people.
c. The demand for prostitution is greatest during periods of economic recession because of the lack of legitimate work.
d. The demand for prostitution is greatest when large numbers of men are congregated for extended periods of time, such as at military bases.
An emotional condition suffered by many prostitutes that is similar to post-traumatic stress disorder that includes depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and drug and alcohol abuse is called ____________.
a. anorexia nervosa
b. combat disorder
c. acute schizophrenia
d. multiple personality
At the highest tier level of prostitution, those who earn higher fees and have more selective working conditions are ____________.
a. bar girls or bar boys
b. street walkers
c. house girls
d. call girls or call boys
Sarita works at Mustang Sally's as a stripper and table dancer making about $2,000 a week. Based on the tier levels of prostitution, Sarita would be classified as a ____________.
a. bar girl
b. house girl
c. call girl
d. dirty hustler
The only state in the United States where prostitution is legal is ____________ where it has been decriminalized in eleven counties.
a. Nevada
b. New Mexico
c. Utah
d. California
Although it is impossible to accurately count the number of prostitutes in the United States, the estimate ranges from ______ to _____.
a. 500,000; 2,000,000
b. 50,000; 250,000
c. 30,000; 100,000
d. 100,000; 500,000
The peak earning age of prostitutes is among those who are _____ years of age.
a. 22
b. 16
c. 30
d. 36
Jessica was classified as a "throwaway" prostitute when she was only 16. Which description best describes Jessica?
a. Jessica's parents told her she could not live in their home because of her interest in Satanism and the occult and is now homeless.
b. Jessica "tried out" for a position of prostitute at a brothel but was fired because the patrons didn't like her.
c. Jessica tried prostitution once but was repulsed by the experience and has never engaged in it again.
d. Jessica was lured into prostitution by a cult that planned to sacrifice her at their next ceremonial exhibition.
What was the major reason sociologist Patricia Hill Collins suggested for the stereotype that most prostitutes are black women?
a. Black women have greater sexual skills and are more emotionally satisfying than white women.
b. Black women are more sexually attractive to white patrons because of the erotic aspects.
c. There is a widespread image that black women lack the skills to learn vocational trades.
d. There is a widespread image of black women being sexually promiscuous.
The belief that prostitution provides quick, impersonal sexual satisfaction and helps protect the family as a social institution is most aligned with the ____________ perspective.
a. conflict
b. symbolic interactionist
c. neo-conflict
d. functionalist
Based on the symbolic interactionist perspective as advocated by sociologist Howard Becker, what is the major reason some people become prostitutes?
a. Prostitutes are victims of the power elite of society who prey on women for their personal gratification.
b. Prostitution provides autonomy and more career options than most other occupations open to women.
c. Prostitutes are sexually promiscuous and enjoy sex.
d. Prostitutes lack the academic and vocational skills to do traditionally respected work.
Margo St. James, a former prostitute, founded the organization ____________ to advocate the sex industry be treated as a labor issue.
a. S.M.A.C.K.
b. C.O.Y.O.T.E.
c. Amazon
d. Le Fem
Nina Hartley was the founder of a group of women in the pornography industry who considered themselves "feminist porno stars." This group was called ____________.
a. Le Fem
b. Coyote
c. the Pink Ladies Club
d. Mustang Sally's Ranch
The U.S. Supreme Court case that addressed a legal standard for obscenity in 1973 was _____________.
a. Furman v. Georgia
b. Miller v. California
c. T.L.O. v. New Jersey
d. Roe v. Wade
The social construction of pornography as a social problem involves two frameworks which are a ____________ framework and a ____________ framework.
a. political; economic
b. legal; philosophical
c. cognitive; moral
d. pragmatic; economic
What is the difference between material classified as being erotica and material that is classified as being obscene?
a. Erotica is legal in most states. Obscenity is illegal in most states.
b. Erotica does not depict sexual intercourse or genitalia. Obscenity explicitly depicts sexual acts and genitalia.
c. Erotica does not display sexual scenes. Obscenity displays sexual scenes.
d. Erotica is pleasurable to all parties involved. Obscenity is offensive, sexist, or racist.
The 1986 Attorney General's Commission on Pornography that concluded pornography was a danger to the public because it encouraged sexism against women and pedophilia was also called the ____________ Commission
a. Meese
b. Ashcroft
c. McDonald
d. Johnson
The profile of those who view pornography in adult book stores share all of the following qualities except ____________.
a. between the ages of 25 and 66
b. relatively well educated
c. white
d. single middle class men
The point of view that pornography is a threat to the moral values of society, especially family values is the ____________ view.
a. religious conservative
b. liberal
c. antipornography censorship
d. antipornography feminist
According to U.S. government statistics, in 2003, women accounted for approximately _____ percent of all arrests for prostitution-related offenses and men accounted for approximately _____ percent of the arrests.
a. 91; 9
b. 64; 36
c. 76; 24
d. 53; 47
Which of the following responses to the use of a drug would best be classified as a subjective component of drug abuse?
a. Bob was arrested and convicted for selling marihuana to grade school children and is now doing a 10 year prison term.
b. Sally is known as the neighborhood "crack head" because of her use of crack cocaine.
c. Marie becomes so disoriented when she shoots smack that she can't recognize her husband.
d. Tyrone overdosed on heroin last week and almost died.
When John began snorting cocaine, he would do one line and gain a feeling of euphoria that would last throughout the night. Now John snorts a line every hour or two to get the same euphoric high. In view of this, which statement is most accurate regarding John's use of cocaine?
a. John had developed a dependency on cocaine.
b. John is experiencing withdrawal symptoms from cocaine.
c. John has developed a tolerance for cocaine.
d. John is addicted to cocaine.
The main ingredient in wine, liquor, and beer that produces the desired effect when consuming the beverage is ____________.
a. ethanol
b. methanol
c. isopropyl alcohol
d. marinol
The classification of drinkers who have trouble controlling their use of alcohol and plan their schedule around drinking are called ____________.
a. acute alcoholics
b. social alcoholics
c. chronic alcoholics
d. heavy drinkers
A progressive development of scar tissue in the liver associated with heavy drinking that chokes off blood vessels and destroys liver cells by interfering with their use of oxygen is called ____________.
a. alcoholic cirrhosis
b. fetal alcohol syndrome
c. alcoholic dementia
d. cardio-vascular disease
Jimmy has been a heavy drinker for over 40 years. He now has difficulty doing simple crossword puzzles and periodically forgets where he lives and his own name. In view of this, which of the following conditions is the best diagnosis for Jimmy's condition?
a. fetal alcohol syndrome
b. alcoholic dementia
c. cardio-vascular disease
d. alcoholic cirrhosis
Drug dependency that results from physician-supervised treatment for a recognized medical disorder is called ____________.
a. co-dependency
b. iatrogenic addiction
c. type II addiction
d. clinical dependency
The three leading substances involved in workplace injuries and deaths are ____________, ____________, and ____________.
a. methamphetamine, heroine, PCP
b. nicotine, heroine, crack cocaine
c. LSD, marijuana, methamphetamine
d. alcohol, cocaine, marijuana
Judy is 13 years old and the daughter of a single-parent alcoholic mother. Every day Judy makes breakfast for her little brother and sister, dresses them, and sends them off to school. Judy's mother is usually too hung over to get out of bed in the morning. In view of this, which of the following statements is most accurate about Judy?
a. Judy is a victim of alcohol withdrawal.
b. Judy is suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome.
c. Judy is a co-conspirator.
d. Judy is an enabler.
Which of the following statements is least accurate regarding nicotine?
a. It is classified as being a stimulant.
b. It is a psychoactive drug more addictive than heroin.
c. It is toxic and dependency producing.
d. When used in moderation, it has no harmful side effects.
Billy Bob has developed leukoplakia and his buddy Bubba has erythroplakia. More than likely, how did Billy Bob and Bubba contract these conditions?
a. Billy Bob and Bubba were heavy drinkers of "moonshine."
b. Billy Bob and Bubba were both heavy smokers.
c. Billy Bob and Bubba were habitual snuff users.
d. Billy Bob and Bubba were cocaine addicts.
Natural or synthetic opiates such as morphine, propoxyphene, and codeine that relieve pain and suppress coughing, but pose short-term and long-term risks when used are most appropriately classified as _____________.
a. narcotics
b. antihistamines
c. depressants
d. analgesics
The drug called "a quick fix for dealing with troublesome children" is ____________.
a. Prozac
b. Rohypnol
c. Zantac
d. Ritalin
What do Zantac and Tagament have in common?
a. They are both powerful narcotics.
b. They are synthetic drug substitutes used to treat addicts in withdrawal.
c. They are both the most highly abused drugs by teenagers having "pharming parties."
d. They were once available only by prescription but are now classified as over-the-counter drugs.
A potentially life-threatening condition that can arise when children with the flu, chicken pox, or other viral infections are given aspirin is called ____________.
a. Korsikoff Syndrome
b. Riccardo Syndrome
c. Klinefelter Syndrome
d. Reyes Syndrome
The group singled out for discriminatory treatment because of their use of opium products to reduce the pain of hard work on the western railroad was the ____________.
a. Irish
b. Chinese
c. Filipinos
d. Italians
The most extensively used illicit drug in the United States is ____________.
a. cocaine
b. methamphetamine
c. marijuana
d. heroin
Robert's doctor has prescribed Marinol for him to ease his nausea and vomiting episodes. In view of this, which of the following is most likely Robert's medical problem?
a. Robert is suffering from bleeding ulcers.
b. Robert has Reyes syndrome.
c. Robert is undergoing chemotherapy.
d. Robert contracted food poisoning.
The increase in the distribution and use of the drug ____________ intensified the "war on drugs" which was a major emphasis of the domestic policy of President ____________ in 1982.
a. heroin; William Jefferson Clinton
b. LSD; Richard M. Nixon
c. marijuana; George W. Bush
d. crack cocaine; Ronald Reagan
A condition characterized by paranoia, hallucinations, and violent tendencies that may persist for weeks after chronic stimulant abuse has been discontinued is called ____________.
a. alcoholic dementia
b. cerebral cirrhosis
c. amphetamine psychosis
d. narcotic neurosis
The interaction that takes place when two drugs are mixed together to produce a far greater effect than the effect of either drug administered separately is called ____________.
a. mainlining
b. enabling
c. codependency
d. potentiation
The LSD "poster child" who advocated its use in the 1960s and coined the phrase "turn, tune in, drop out" was ____________.
a. Spiro T. Agnew
b. Timothy Leary
c. Enrico Fermi
d. Howard Hughes
The DARE program that seeks to prevent drug problems among youth before they begin are classified as ____________ programs.
a. primary prevention
b. law enforcement
c. secondary prevention
d. status maintenance
Nearly 75 percent of the public schools in the United States participate in the program called ____________ which is taught by specially trained police officers who teach children how to "just say no" to drugs.
a. Police Athletic League
b. Drug Abuse Resistance Education
c. Mothers Against Drunk Driving
d. McGruff the Crime Dog
The three leading suppliers of cocaine to the United States are the countries of ____________, ____________, and ____________.
a. Pakistan, Afghanistan, India
b. Colombia, Bolivia, Peru
c. China, Laos, Thailand
d. Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica
If there is no objective component that qualifies for declaring a drug as illicit, the substance must be classified as licit, or legally obtainable. (T/F)
Ten percent of those who drink in the United States account for half the total alcohol consumption. (T/F)
Alcohol is most accurately classified as a stimulant because it increases social interaction. (T/F)
Men are more likely than women to be labeled problem drinkers or alcoholics and experience negative social and personal consequences from drinking. (T/F)
Absenteeism, tardiness, workplace accidents, lost productivity, and time spent in rehabilitation programs by employees because of alcohol-related problems cost American industry about $100 billion annually. (T/F)
The nicotine in tobacco is more addictive than heroin. (T/F)
Environmental tobacco smoke, although an inconvenience for a nonsmoker, poses little actual harm to the nonsmoker. (T/F)
Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are often prescribed Prozac to reduce their level of anxiety. (T/F)
Marijuana is most appropriately classified as being a hallucinogen. (T/F)
Most studies conclude the average heroin user is a middle-aged, upper class executive who can afford the drug and has the means to conceal its use. (T/F)