Romeo and Juliet Review

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Lady Montague, Mercutio, Tybalt, Paris, Romeo, Juliet. Lady Montague dies of grief after Romeo is exiled from Verona, Mercutio is killed by Tybalt while defending Romeo, Tybalt dies from being slain by Romeo because he is avenging Mercutio's death, Paris is killed by Romeo because he accuses Romeo of dishonoring the bodies of Tybalt or Juliet after he broke into the tomb and Romeo kills him out of anger and sadness, Romeo kills himself (drinks poision) after he sees Juliet is dead in the Capulet's vault, Juliet commits suicide once she sees Romeo is dead in the vault and stabs herself with Romeo's dagger. The Friar can be at fault for both Romeo and Juliet's death because Friar John didn't get the message to Romeo in time of the burial ceremony and Friar Lawrence was the one to make up the plan for Juliet to act dead. Romeo could also be at fault for Mercutio's death because he could have done better to stop Mercutio from fighting Tybalt. If Romeo would not have killed Tybalt, he wouldn't have been exiled which would not have caused his mother to die. If Juliet would have married Paris instead of drinking the potion to stay with Romeo he would not have died. If Romeo wouldn't have been so hasty he would have seen Juliet waking up and prevent his death. If Juliet would have thought more clearly she could have prevented her death and just lived her life. If Mercutio wouldn't have stood up for Romeo and left Tybalt alone he would have lived. If Tybalt wasn't so quick to fight and maybe only say some harsh words then walked away from Romeo and Mercutio he wouldn't have died. If Paris would have calmly talked to Romeo and reassessed the situation he wouldn't have been murdered by Romeo.