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  1. Latin
  2. Natural Law
  3. Clovis
  4. Senate
  5. Fief
  1. a a universal moral law that can be understood by applying reason, first proposed in the 1600s
  2. b When Roman magistrates retired they became members of the _______.
  3. c To raise capital (money) for his military enterprises Charles Martel gave tracts of land called _______ to warriors.
  4. d This Frankish king converted to Catholicism after he was victorious in battle
  5. e Church ceremonies, masses, were said in _______ a language that few people understood.

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  1. A priest named Ignatius Loyota founded a new religious order known as the ...
  2. What age did a nobleman's son begin training for knighthood?
  3. Depth of a vessel's keen below the water
  4. Pope Paul III organized a council of bishops in 1545 which became known as the ....
  5. A _______ is a community in which the people elect their leaders.

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  1. Pope Urban IIThe first crusade was ordered by ...


  2. NeroIn order to prove a theory _______ developed calculus an entirely new system of mathematics.


  3. Constantinople_______ believed that the earth was round and that it rotated on its axis.


  4. Johannes GutenbergThe Protestant Reformation was begun by ...


  5. HammerThe Viking cargo ship was known as a ..