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  1. Violent
  2. City States
  3. Irrigation
  4. Satire
  5. Manorialism
  1. a a system that provides crops with the proper water supply needed
  2. b What was society like in 11th century?
  3. c Europe centered around a system of agricultural production known as _______.
  4. d The sumerians established 12 ________ ___________ in the Tigris/ Euphrates valley.
  5. e poking fun at current problems and weaknesses in society

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  1. _______ was the first sculptor since ancient times to cast a statue in bronze.
  2. Name given to the Native Americans by the Vikings
  3. A _______ ruled as a dictator and used violence to maintain control.
  4. A _______ is a training school for the proper education of priests.
  5. _______ was a swiss priest who led the Protestant movement in Switzerland.

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  1. Filippo BrunelleschiCharlemagne's messengers were known as _______ _______.


  2. Spanish ArmadaThe attack of the _______ made England realize the dangers of an alliance between Spain and France.


  3. Fieftracts of land with peasant laborers given by Frankish kings to warriors, courts, and local officials.


  4. Protestantism'sCatholicism power was threatened by _______ popularity in Northern Europe.


  5. Justification By FaithThe Church developed a court in AD 1232 known as the _______ which sought out and punished people suspected of challenging the Church.