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  1. Wars of the Roses
  2. Greece
  3. Groma
  4. Copernicus
  5. Motion and Force
  1. a _______ is the birthplace of democracy.
  2. b _______ believed that the earth was round and that it rotated on its axis.
  3. c Henry VII, the first Tudor Monarch, became king after the _______
  4. d The romans used a _______ to keep a road straight while under construction.
  5. e What did Galileo analyze?

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  1. Da Vinci is the best known for his painting ...
  2. In Greece, boys added the art of public speaking or _______ to their studies.
  3. The oldest piece of literary works known to man is the epic poem of .....
  4. liberator of the Jews expect by them to arrive in the future
  5. Muslims fast during the month of

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  1. EthnocentrismBelief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group.


  2. executive, legislativeRoman Government was divided into two branches the _______ and the _______.


  3. A-VikingAn ______ is someone who is skilled in a specialized craft.


  4. HippocratesHe is considered the "Father of Modern Medicine"


  5. AristotleThis Greek philosopher founded "zoology"