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  1. Nomad
  2. James I
  3. Catholic Church
  4. Boyle
  5. Chivalry
  1. a _______ was the first Stuart monarch and united Scotland and England under a common ruler.
  2. b the behavior of knights was governed by a code of ...
  3. c _______ was responsible for establishing chemistry as a pure science.
  4. d A person without a permanent home who moves about constantly in search of food
  5. e For most people during the Middle Ages, the _______ _______ was the center of life.

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  1. People who were bound to the manor
  2. What did Galileo analyze?
  3. Sumerian Invention?
  4. A tract of land
  5. Who were the Moors?

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  1. FlorinThe _______ or city-state, was the basic political unit of Hellenic civilization.


  2. Lay InvestitureSpartan life revolved around the ...


  3. TotalitarianismWealthy latin nobles


  4. TyrantA solemn ceremony called _______ established a contract between a new vassal and his lord.


  5. Twelve TablesAfter decades of struggle the Romans finally agreed to engrave the law onto bronze tablets known as the .....