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  1. Michelangelo
  2. Donatello
  3. Muhammad
  4. Baroque
  5. Vatican City
  1. a richly ornate, flamboyant at and architecture style developed in Europe in the 1550s
  2. b According to Islam, _______ ascended to heaven from the above holy city.
  3. c _______ sculptured a famous marble statue of David.
  4. d The Roman Catholic Church has its heart in Rome's ....
  5. e _______ was the first sculptor since ancient times to cast a statue in bronze.

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  1. Uncultivated land, to leave unseeded during a growing season.
  2. The Olympic games were held in order to honor the god ...
  3. Where was the first telescope from?
  4. Name of the book which offended the church
  5. A monk's live was one of poverty, chastity and obedience to an _______ or monastery head.

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  1. SenateWhen Roman magistrates retired they became members of the _______.


  2. Tibertracts of land with peasant laborers given by Frankish kings to warriors, courts, and local officials.


  3. Amerigo VespucciIn the 1400s Florence came under the rule of the rule of the _______ family.


  4. MilitaryWhat according to Galileo is the book of nature written in?


  5. Drakkarnon-religious


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