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  1. Hypothesis
  2. Baroque
  3. Prehistory
  4. Martin Luther
  5. Gilgamesh
  1. a history before recorded history
  2. b A _______ or theory explains a set of facts.
  3. c The oldest piece of literary works known to man is the epic poem of .....
  4. d The Protestant Reformation was begun by ...
  5. e richly ornate, flamboyant at and architecture style developed in Europe in the 1550s

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  1. The behavior of knights was governed by a code of _______.
  2. Innocent III convened a council which laid down strict rules for stopping _______ or denial of the Church teachings.
  3. Da Vinci is the best known for his painting ...
  4. In medieval Scandinavia to fight or to be a warrior was known as to go ...
  5. The transfer of customs, ideas, and goods is known as ...

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  1. MetropolisEach Greek colony kept close economic ties with its mother city or


  2. Johannes Gutenberg_______ invented the movable type.


  3. Statute of Apprenticesa distribution of power such that no one nation is able to dominate or interfere with other nations


  4. EtruscansThis group of mysterious people, the _______, ruled most of Northern Italy.


  5. Saladin_______ was threatened with torture and death by the church if he did not recant many of his statements.