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  1. Islamic, Venetian
  2. Indulgence
  3. Treaty of Tordesillas
  4. Johannes Gutenberg
  5. Donatello
  1. a _______ invented the movable type.
  2. b _______ was the first sculptor since ancient times to cast a statue in bronze.
  3. c The spice trade was controlled in Asia and Europe by _______ and _______ merchants.
  4. d In 1494, Portugal and Spain signed the _______ _______ _______.
  5. e Pardon sold by the Catholic Church until the Renaissance that released the buyer from time in purgatory.

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  1. In a _______, political power lies in the hands of all the citizens.
  2. Where was the first telescope from?
  3. In an _______, (a system of govt.) a few wealthy people hold power over a larger group of citizens.
  4. the behavior of knights was governed by a code of ...
  5. _______ was threatened with torture and death by the church if he did not recant many of his statements.

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  1. MythA traditional story used by the priesthood to record how life was during these times was a _______


  2. Cultural DiffusionCircling the globe is also known as ...


  3. Protestantism'sCatholicism power was threatened by _______ popularity in Northern Europe.


  4. Tours, FranceCharles Martel defended the monastery at ...


  5. MichelangeloName given to the Native Americans by the Vikings