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  1. Manorism
  2. Vocation
  3. Papyrus
  4. Abbot
  5. Baroque
  1. a What did ancient Sumerian priests write their myths on?
  2. b A _______ is a calling to serve God.
  3. c During this period a new style of art and music called baroque was founded.
  4. d A monk's live was one of poverty, chastity and obedience to an _______ or monastery head.
  5. e During the Middle Ages the Economic system was known as .....

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  1. A document issued by a pope that bans church men from paying taxes to temporal rulers and proclaimed the sovereignty of the chruch
  2. a system that provides crops with the proper water supply needed
  3. history before recorded history
  4. In order to prove a theory _______ developed calculus an entirely new system of mathematics.
  5. People who were bound to the manor were known as _______

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  1. AristocratsGreek kings lost power to landholding ....


  2. Saladina standard of currency in the most of western Europe


  3. PolisThe basic political unit of Hellenic civilization


  4. Prince Henry_______ established the first European school for navigators.


  5. MetropolisDa Vinci is the best known for his painting ...