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  1. Religion
  2. Monte Cassino
  3. Silt
  4. Seminary
  5. Archaeologist
  1. a In AD 520 Benedict established a monastery at ....
  2. b scientist who studies the life and culture of ancient peoples by excavating ancient living sites
  3. c A _______ is a training school for the proper education of priests.
  4. d What is the key driving force behind the Crusades?
  5. e Material deposited by a river that creates fertile soil ...

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  1. _______ vowed (and did) convert to Catholicism if he was victorious in battle.
  2. Institutions such as _______ and the courts of law set bounds to British Monarchs.
  3. The transfer of customs, ideas, and goods is known as ...
  4. Italian cities such as _______ and _______ became prosperous as a result of increased trade.
  5. Catholicism power was threatened by _______ popularity in Northern Europe.

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  1. Tigris, EuphratesThe earliest cities that archaeologists have discovered lie in the valley of the _______ river and ________ river.


  2. Wars of the RosesHenry VII, the first Tudor Monarch, became king after the _______


  3. CardinalsThe Pope is elected by a gathering of these high Church officials known as ...


  4. MuslimsThe _______ or city-state, was the basic political unit of Hellenic civilization.


  5. ForumThe romans used a _______ to keep a road straight while under construction.


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