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  1. Boyle
  2. Greeks
  3. Math
  4. Treaty of Verdun
  5. Islamic, Venetian
  1. a What according to Galileo is the book of nature written in?
  2. b The most powerful cultural influence of the Romans were the _______.
  3. c Charlemagne's three grandsons signed the _______ _______ _______ to divide the Carolingian Empire.
  4. d _______ was responsible for establishing chemistry as a pure science.
  5. e The spice trade was controlled in Asia and Europe by _______ and _______ merchants.

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  1. Henry VII, the first Tudor Monarch, became king after the _______
  2. Approx. how many people died during the black plague?
  3. a monarch with absolute power who uses it to improve society
  4. A _______ is a calling to serve God.
  5. Europe centered around a system of agricultural production known as _______.

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  1. 3 Field SystemAnother improvement in agriculture was the way farmers planted their fields. This new improved system was called the ....


  2. Johannes Gutenberga distribution of power such that no one nation is able to dominate or interfere with other nations


  3. Mayors of the PalaceBy 700AD the power had been passed from the kings to the ...


  4. VassalA noble who served a lord of the next higher rank was known as a ....


  5. IndonesiaThe world's largest muslim community lives in