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  1. tomarle el pelo a
  2. dormir a pierna suelta
  3. tener vergüenza (de)
  4. caerse muerto
  5. llevar a cabo
  1. a to be ashamed (of)
  2. b to carry out, to accomplish, to finish
  3. c to pull someone's leg
  4. d to drop dead
  5. e to sleep like a log

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  1. to be in a hurry
  2. to learn by heart
  3. to be...years old
  4. to realize
  5. to hear about (gossip)

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  1. tener suerteto be hungry


  2. valer la penato realize


  3. a eso debecause of


  4. tener la palabrato have the floor


  5. tener ganas deto feel like, to have an urge to