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  1. tener lugar
  2. llevarse bien (mal) con
  3. tener la culpa de
  4. tener dolor de (cabeza, dientes, etíc.)
  5. tocarle a uno
  1. a to be one's turn
  2. b to have a (headache, toothache, etí.)
  3. c to take place
  4. d to be to blame for
  5. e to get along well/poorly with

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  1. to shrug one's shoulder
  2. to be afraid of
  3. to have a desire to
  4. to be sleepy
  5. to + verb + again

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  1. volver en síto regain consciousness


  2. tener buena (mala) carato look good (bad)


  3. pagar al contado/en efectivoas soon as


  4. valer la penato regain consciousness


  5. cumplir con su deberto fulfill one's duty