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  1. pagar al contado/en efectivo
  2. caerle bien/mal a
  3. no hay remedio
  4. estar harto de
  5. tener razón
  1. a to pay in cash
  2. b to be fed up with
  3. c to be right
  4. d There is no other solution
  5. e to be well (unfavorably) received

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  1. when
  2. so, therefore
  3. to pull someone's leg
  4. to borrow
  5. to hear about

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  1. tener envidiato be in a hurry


  2. tan pronto comoas


  3. perder de vistato lose sight of


  4. cumplir ___ añosto be...years old


  5. tener calmato be in a hurry