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  1. cumplir con su palabra
  2. oír hablar de
  3. haber de
  4. tener prisa
  5. pagar al contado/en efectivo
  1. a to pay in cash
  2. b to hear about
  3. c to have to
  4. d to be in a hurry
  5. e to keep one's word

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  1. to have the floor
  2. to lose sight of
  3. to have to do with
  4. to be to blame for
  5. to be thirsty

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  1. llevar a caboto carry out, to accomplish, to finish


  2. tener dolor de (cabeza, dientes, etíc.)to have a (headache, toothache, etí.)


  3. aprender de memoriato learn by heart


  4. volver en síto be worthwhile, to be worth the trouble


  5. tener ganas deto look like