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Give two examples of how lymphatic capillaries are different from blood capillaries

Lymphatic capillaries are more permeable and are "dead end" structures

anything that prevents the normal return of lymph to the blood results in short-term___


__L of fluid remains behind in the tissue spaces


The___cells and___cells are essential in the body's defense mechanisms

Phagocyte, lymphocyte

The fluid found in blood is called___. The fluid found in lymphatic vessel s is called___.

plasma, lymph

What lymphoid organ has lymph circulating through it?

lymph node

what vessel brings lymph into a lymph node?


what is the outer region of the lymph node? What is the inner region?

cortex, medulla

What two types of cells can lymphocytes become?

T cells, B cells

What is the purpose of macrophages in the lymph nodes?

Phagocytosis and activation of immune response

Why is the spleen prone to rupture?

because it is surrounded by a thin capsule

Where is your thymus located?

below your tonsils

Where is your spleen located?

in your upper left quadrant of your abdominal cavity, behind your stomach

What lymphatic organ does not directly fight pathogens?


The __ is the largest lymphatic organ. It filters___.

spleen, blood

The ___ are located around the pharynx and are considered this type of lymphatic tissue

Tonsils, lymphatic nodules

What are the cardinal signs of inflammation?

redness, swelling, pain, heat

What are the two types of defense systems or immunity?

Non-specific (innate) and Specific ( adaptive)

What does the immune system do?

protects the body from infectious microorganisms

What is the body's first line of defense?

skin and mucous membranes

What is the body's second line of defense?

inflammation, phagocytes, antimicrobial proteins

What is the largest and most effective phagocytic cell?


What two events can trigger inflammation?

trauma, infection

What is pus comprised of?

A mix of dead or dying neutrophils, tissue cells and dead pathogens

What causes an inflamed area to become red and hot?

Dilated vessels (capillaries) cause more blood to rush through that area.

Name two places where lysosomal (anti-bacterial) enzymes are located

lacrimal fluid and salvia

Lymphatic collecting vessels contain __ to prevent the back flow of fluid


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