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Pharmacy Math Practice.

The front will give you a math problem and the answer will be on the other side. Good practice. :)
A script calls for 25 Grams of Hydrocortisone Cream 15%. Your Pharmacy stocks both 5% and 20% formulations. How much of the 20% will you use in this order?
Answer: 16.75 Grams of the 20%.
You have been asked by the Pharmacist to prepare 3 liters of a 30% strength solution. Your pharmacy stocks the active ingredient in 8 ounce bottles of 70% strength. How many bottles of the active ingredient will you need to open to complete this request?
Answer: 6 Bottles.
How many milliliters of 50% Dextrose solution and how many millilitera of 5% Dextrose solution are required to prepare 4500ml of a 10% Dextrose solution?
Answer: 500 mLs (of the 50%), 4000 mLs (of the 5% )
Find out the Child Dose for an 11 year old girl / 70 Lbs and the Adult does is 500mg. (Hint: Use Young's Rule.)
Answer: 240 mg.
If Fifty tabs of Clarithromycin 500mg costs $25.00, How much would Ten tabs of Clarithromycin 500mg cost?
Answer: $5.00
You are compounding a batch that requires 227 gm of drug F, which costs your pharmacy $94.00 per pound. How much does this ingredient cost the pharmacy for this batch?
Answer: $47.00
How many 100 mg tablets will you need to make 1/2 liter of a 1:250 solution?
Answer: 20 tabs.
The Pharmacist hands you a 1.5L bottle of a 20% solution and asks that you mix it with sterile water to make as much 12% solution as possible. How much Sterile water will you use?
Answer: 1000 mLs.
If a physician perscribes 250mg qid for 10 days, how many milliliters of Keflex Oral Suspension containing 250mg/5mL should be dispensed?
Answer: 200 mLs.
How many 250mg capsules are needed to fill the following perscription: Amoxicillin 500mg tid for 10 days?
Answer: 60 caps.
How many grams are in 30 gr?
Answer: 1.95 G
What is the percentage strength of a 1:1500 solution?
Answer: 0.0666%
How many grams of Hydrocortisone powder ahould be used to prepare 1lb of a 0.25% Hydrocortisone cream?
Answer: 1.135 G or 1.14 G
2L Lactated Ringer Infused over 12 hours at 20gtt/mL. What is the Drops per minute? (gtts/min)
Answer: 55 gtts/min.
How many tablets of a 0.625mg tablet would it take to fill a Perscription for Premarin 1.25mg?
Answer: 2 tabs.
Convert 25°C to F°.
Answer: 77°F
A 14 year old boy weights 110 lbs. He is prescribed by his Doctor to take 5mg/Kg of drug "A" daily. What will his dose be?
Answer: 250 mg
The roman numeral CCXL represents how much?
Answer: 240.
If 100 tablets cost $122.00, how much does each tablet cost?
Answer: $1.22/tab.
You have received a script that reads 2gtt OU BID. What will the label placed on the patients packaging read?
Answer: Two drops in both eyes two times a day.
Which regulatory agency would initiate a class II recall on a prescription drug?
Answer: FDA.
2.5 ounces is equal to how many mLs?
Answer: 75 mLs.
A script for Zolpidem will expire after ______ and may have up to ______ refills.
Answer: 6 months, 5 Refills.
A script for cough syrup reads 15ml PO Q4° PRN. What should you type on the patients packaging?
Answer: One tablespoon taken orally every 4 hours as needed.
Which size of needle has the largest diameter?
A. 18 Gauge
B. 16 Gauge
C. 20 Gauge
D. 14 Gauge
Answer: D. 14 Gauge
How many Tablespoons are in 16 Ounces?
Answer: 32.
Dr. D has prescribed your customer a drug order for the following:
Methylprednisolone 10mg tabs
40mg QD x2D
30mg QD X3D
20mg QD X4D
10mg QD X5D
How many tablets should be dispensed?
Answer: 30 tabs.
Your retail pharmacy sells products at:
45% markup over wholesale + a set dispensing fee of $4.
A customer brings in a script for: Vardenafil 5mg #10.
The total retail cost at pickup for the 10 tablets is $149.00.
What is your pharmacy's wholesale cost per/each tablet ?
Answer: $10.00