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System Analysis

Set 2 for the Final Exam!
Oracle Corporation offers a service called __, which provides ebuisness applications on a fixed fee basis.
Oracle on demand
Outsourcing a basic business process is often called.
When determining outsourcing fess, a __ uses a set fee based on a specified level of service and user support.
Fixed fee model
When determining outsourcing fees, a __ has a variable fee based on the number of users or workstations that have access to the application.
Subscription Model
A __ model is an outsourcing fee model that charges a variable fee based on the volume of transactions or operations performed by the application.
The choice between developing versus purchasing software often is called a ___ decision.
Build or buy
The software that a companys IT department makes, builds, and develops is called __ software.
In house
A software __ is software that is obtained from a vendor or application service provider.
Companies that develop software for sale are called software__.
A firm that enhances a commercial package by adding custom features and configuring it for a particular industry is called__.
Advantages of purchasing a software package over developing software in house includes all of the following except.
Satisfaction of unique business requirements.
Buyers can customize a software package by __.
All of the above.
In addition to configuring software, the IT staff can create a user __, which includes screens, commands, controls and features that enable users to interact more effectively with the application.
Some data files should be hidden totally from view, while others should have __ .so users can view, but not change the data.
Read only properties
The __ team must include users who will participate in the selection process and feel a sense of ownership in the new system.
Evaluation and selection
Nearly __ percent of total costs occur after the purchase of hardware and software.
__ is an example of a non profit organization that publishes standards and reports for its members and the general public.
When planning a slide presentation to management at the end of the systems analysis phase, systems analyst should keep all of following suggestions in mind EXCEPT--..
Ignore time for discussion and question an answers
In older systems, often the user interface maily consisted of __ control screens that allwoed a user to send commands to the system.
__ describes the relationship between computers and the people who use them to perform business related tasks.
Initial screen designs can be presented to users in the form of a __ which is a sketch that shows the general screen layout and design.
Interface designers can obtain data __ called metrics by using software that can record and measure user interaction with a system.
If variable input data is needed, provide a __ that explains what is needed.
Dialog Box
An existence check is a data validation check that__.
Is used for mandatory data items.
A reasonableness check is a data validation check that__.
Identifies values that are questionable, but not necessarily wrong.
A combination check is a dat avalidation check that __.
Is performed on two or more fields to ensure that they are consistent or reasonable when considered together.
The concept that the quality of the output is only as good as the quality of the inout, which is sometimes known as __, is familiar to IT professionals , who recognize that the best time to avoid problems is when dat is entered.
GIGO garbage in garbage out
In a source document, if totals are included on a form, they appear in the __ zone.
On a source document, the main part of the form, called the __, usually takes up at least half of the space on the form and contain captions and areas for entering variable data.
Body Zone
A __ produces one or more lines of output for each record process.
Detailed report
A __ displays only those records that meet a specific condition or conditions.
Exception report
For upper level managers who often want to see total figures and do not need supporting details a _ is appropriate.
Summary Report
Some firms use __ facsimile to allow a cuatomer to request a fax using email via the company website or by telephone.
A __ workstation is a network terminal that supports a full featured user interface, but limits the printing or copying of data, except to certain network resources that can be monitored and controlled more easily.
In most organizations, the __ department is responsible for output control and security measures.
Because every piece of information should be traceable back to the input dat athat produced it, a __ trail must be provided that records the source of each data item and when it entered the system.
In __ prototyping, system analyst use a prototype to verify user requirements after which the prototype is discarded and implementation continues.
__ prototyping produces a full featured working model of the information system.
A __ is a collection of tools features and interfaces that enable users to add, update, manage, access, and analyze the content of data.
__means that a system can be expanded, modified, or downsized easily to meet the rapidly changing needs of a business enterprise.
A __ which is used to access stored data allows a user to specify a task without specifying how the task will be accomplished.
Query Language
Many database programs generate __ which is a language that allows client workstations to communicate with servers and mainframe computers.
The complete definition of a database, including descriptions of all fields, tables ,a and relationships is called an__.
To bridge the gap between a database and the web and enable data to be viewed and updated it is necessary to use__ which is software that integrates different applications and allows them to exchange data.
When a primary key combines tow or more fields it is called a __ key.
Any field that is not a primary key or a candidate key is called a __ key.
A __ is a graphical model of an information system that depicts the logical relationships and interaction among system entities.
In an entity relationship diagram entities are represented as __.
__ describes how instances of one entity relate to instances of another entity.
__ is the process of creating table designs by assigning specific fields or attributes to each table in a database.
A__ is a set of letters or numbers that represents a data item.
__codes are numbers or letters assigned in a specific order.
Some abbreviation codes are called __ codes because they use a specific combination of letters that are easy to remember.
__codes use a keyword to encode a number.
Binary digits have only __ possible values.
__ is a coding method used on mainframe computers and high capacity servers.
EBCDIC and ASCII both require __ bits.
In ASCII, the number 1,234,567,890 requires __ bytes of storage.
Compared with character based formats a __ storage format offers a more efficient storage method.
Unicode represents more than__ unique mulitlingual characters.
__ is the process of converting readable data into characters to prevent unauthorized access to the data.
In the event of a file catastrophe, __ can be used to restore the file or database to its current state at the time of the last back up.
Recovery Procedure
Which of following is not one of the main functions that every business information system must carry out.
Using a mainframe to deliver a multiuser environment.
A system design where the server performs all the processing is described as __.
Mainframe architecture
In a multi tier system, special utility software called __ enables the tiers to communicate and pass data back and forth.
In a client/server architecture, just as processing can be done at various places, data can be stored in more than one location using a __.
Cloud computing provides__ on demand, which matches resources to needs at any given time.
A __ is a web based repository of information that anyone can access, contribute to or modify.
__ is the amount of data that can be transferred in a fixed time period.
When developing ebusiness systems, an inhouse solution usually requires a __ for a company that must adapt quickly in a dynamic ecommerce environment.
greater initial investment but provides more flexibility.
which of the following is not an advantage of batch methods?
Users can interact directly with the information system.
In a __ one or more powerful servers control the network and departmental servers control lower levels of processing and network devices.
Hierachical network
__ topology describes the way that components in a network interact.
In a __ a single communication path connects the network server departmental servers workstations and peripherals devices.
Bus network
A disadvantage of a bus network is that__?
Performance can decline as more users and devices are added.
A __ resembles a circle of computers in which data flows in only one direction from one device to the next.
Ring Network
Several __ of the 802.11 standard were intended to improve bandwidth, range, and security.
The __ standard is widely adopted and works with the 802.11b standard.
The __ topology allows the expansion of wireless access over a wide area.
The __ was formed in 1999 to certify interoperability of wireless network products based on IEEE 802.11 specifications.
Wifi Alliance
A form of wireless transmission called __ is very popular for short distance wireless communication that does not require high power.
The system design specification is a document that presents the complete design for a new information system, along with __ for the next SDLC phase __ systems implementation.
All the above
The __ section in a typical system design specification contains the complete design for a new system, including the user interface, outputs, inputs, files. databases, and network specifications.
System components
In the __ section in a typical system design specification, start up processing, initial data entry or acquistion,user training requirments and software test plans are specified.
Implementation Requirements
During the systems design phase, __ fields are used to organize access and maintain data structures.
One type of validity check called __ integrity is a set of rules that avoids data inconsistency and quality problems.
To acheive better, faster, and less expensive methods of software development__ designed the Capability Mautrity Model CMM which improves quality reduces development time and cuts costs.
SEI software Engineering Institute
A __ consists of related program code organized into small units that are easy to understand and maintain.
__ graphically represent the logiacl rules and interaction between program modules using a series of symbols connected by arrows.
In a structure chart, a control couple shows a message slso called a status__ whcih one module sends to another.
In a structure chart, a curved arrow represents a __ which indicates that one or more modules are repeated.
__ measures a modules scope and processing characteristics.
A module that performs a single function or task has a high degree of __ which is desirable.
In __ programming two programmers work on the same task on the same computer.
The objective of __ testing is to identify and eliminate execution errors that could cause a program to terminate abnormally and logic errors that could have been missed during desk checking.
__ is the process of reviewing the program code to spot logic errors which produce incorrect results.
Desk checking
The testing of an individual module is called __ testing.
In a technique called __ testing the programmer simulates each program outcome or result and displays a message to indicate whether or not the program executed successfully.
Integration testing is sometimes known as __ testing.
Which of the following is not specified by the detailed procedures in a test plan?
What the rate of the forward engineering will be.
Program documentation__.
Describes the inputs, outputs, and processing logic for all program modules.
User documentation__.
Consists of instructions and information to users who will interact with the system.
Unless a problem must be corrected or modifications or enhancements must be made, access to the operational environment is limited to __ and must be strictly controlled.
A web site for the __ describes a variety of IT education and training resources.
CAIT Center for the Application of Information Technologies.
__ cutovers involves more risk than other changeover methods.
when evaluating a system which of the following is not necessary for a systmens analyst to do?
Use interviews to gather information and opinions from a large number of users.
At the end of the systems implementation pahse, th final report to management should include.
All the above
If significant changes take place in an existing system or if a new version is released, the IT department might develop a __.
User training package
__ activities include changing programs procedures or documentation to ensure correct system performance adapting the system to changing requirements and making the system operate more efficiently.
corrective maintenance__.
Diagnoses an corrects errors in an operational system.
__ is a process for controlling changes in system requirements during software development.
The __ is responsible for assigning maintenance tasks to individuals or to a maintenanace team.
System Administrator
When setting priorities many IT managers believe that evaluating all projects together leads to the best possible decisions because__.
Maintenance and new development require similiar IT department resources.
In a typical system the inital version of the system is 1.0 and the release that includes the first set of maintenance changes is version.
Which of the following is not an advantage of release methodology?
New features or upgrades are avilable more often.
The __ is the configuration of a system documented at the beginning of the project and consists of all necessary system requirements and design contraints.
functional Baseline
The __ documents a system at the end of the design phase, identifies any changes since the beginning of the project and includes testing and verification of all systme requirements and features.
Allocate Baseline
The _- describes the system at the beginning of the system operation and includes the results of performance and acceptance test for the operation system.
Product baseline
To measure system performance companies use __ testing , which uses a set of standard tests on one system to compare its performance and capacity to that of other systems.
__ include the volumes of online data, the number of records accessed and the number of transactions processed in a given time period.
__describes the amount of data that a system can transfer in a fixed time period.
__ also can be used to measure the quality of IT support or services by measuring the time from a user requesr for help to the resolution of the problem.
Turnaround time
__protects information from unauthorized disclosure and safeguards privacy.
__ ensures that authorized users have timely and reliable access to necessary information.
Risk __ analyzes the organizations assets, threats , and vulnerabilities.
Risk __ measures risk likelihood and impact.
A __ is an internal or external entity that could endanger an asset.
__means tht in risk control, nothing is done.
__ shifts the risk to another asset or party such as an insurance company in ru=isk control.
Preset __ determines whether a firewall will allow netwrok traffic to pass.
A__ is an unauthorized attempt to increase permission levels.
Permission escalation attack
Successful completion of sytem testing is the key to user and management approval, which is why system test sometimes are called__.
Acceptance tests.
Using a __ strategy knowledgeable users can be selected who then conduct sessions for others.
Train the trainer
Adaptive maintenance__.
Adds enhancements to an operational system and makes the system easier to use.
Perfective maintenance__.
Involve changing an operational system to make it more efficient, reliable, or maintainable.
Preventive maintenance__.
Requires analysis of areas where trouble is likely to occur in order to avoid problems.