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(n.) projecting part of fortification, something considered a stronghold, group that defends a principle
efflorescence (adj-efflorescent/v-effloresce)
(n.) period or state of flowering, process of developing or unfolding
(n.) a gap or passage, interuption in intensity
(v.) to enclose within or as if within walls, confine in walls, imprisone
(v.) to place in an intervening position, cause to intervene
(v.) to present for acceptance, offer suggestion (n.) proposal offered *usually a physical object
specious (n.- speciousness/adv.-speciously)
(adj.) beautiful, plausible but false, deceptive attraction or allure, false truth or genuiness *use for arguments
strident (n.-stridence/adv.-stridently)
(adj.) harsh, noisy, discordant
(v.) to climb akwardly
gesticulate (n-gesticulation)
(v.) to make emphathetic gestures when speaking, talking with hands
(n/v) a row of cut grain or grass by a machine
(n.) a concise statement, terse formation of truth (ex. "early bird gets the worm," often advice)
austerity (adj. austere)
(n.) quality of being harsh, severe, stern, cold (personality or life- ex. monk, nun, could be economical)
bellicose (n. bellicosity, adv. bellicosely)
(adj.) inclined to start wars/quarrels, belligerant, aggresively hostile
(n.) harsh or discordant sound (ex. construction, drums, banging on piano, leaf blower)
(v.) to condescend reluctantly and with a strong sense of superiority (ex. eat with 7th graders)
eccentric (n. eccentricity(ies))
(adj.) deviating from customary character, unconventional behavior (ex. lady gaga)
effulgence (adj. effulgent)
(n.) brilliant radiance, shining forth
(v.) to stimulate, startle a sudden activity (ex. ms topping w a gun)
idiosyncratic (n. idiosyncracy)
(adj.) something peculiar to an individual (wearing special socks/ not pushing boundries of society)
(adj.) not permitting, penetration or passage, incapable of being injured, influence or impaired
impinge (n.) impingement
(v.) to make an impression, have an effect or impact, intruding, coming into space
inane (n.) inanity
(adj.) lacking sense of significance, empty, void (usually applying to peoples brain or comments)
(n.) a strong displeasure at something considered unjust, offensive, insulting
inebriate (n. inebriate as in a drunk (person))
(v.) to make drunk, intoxicate, exhilirate, fill with rush
innate (n- innateness adv-innately)
(adj.) existing in one from birth, native, inherit character, traits natural to a person (ex. sexual orientation, eye color)
insidious (adv- insidiously n- insidiousness)
(adj.) intended to entrap or beguile stealthily, trecherous or deceitful, gradual, subtle, harmful
insinuate (n-insinuation (s))
(v.) to suggest or hint slyly, instill or infuse subtly (v.) to move into position or favor in artful methods, gradually "get in"
(v.) to accustom to hardship, to toughen or harden
(v.) to entice, lure, flattery or inducements to obtain by beguiling
languid (n-languor)
(adj.) lacking in vitality, slack or slow, lacking in spirit or interest, slow and relaxed, low energy
(n.) front of a ship or boat, bow
reverberant (n-reverberation v- reverberate)
be repeated, reechoing
(adj.) prominent or conspicuous, projecting or pointing outward, important, noticible, standing out
(n.) feudal lord, man of rank or authority, aristocrat, sovereign
(n.) office or position requiring little or no work, with profitable returns, established position (status with little work)
(n.) comfort in sorrow, misfortune or trouble, alleviation of distress or discomfort to comfort, alleviate
undulation (v- undulate)
(n.) wavelike motion, curves/bends, rising and falling in waves