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  1. conscious
  2. cerebell/o
  3. ALS
  4. mononeuropathy
  5. medulla oblongata
  1. a disease affecting a single nerve (such as carpal tunnel syndrome)
  2. b amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  3. c cerebellum
  4. d located between the pons and spinal cord. It contains centers that control respiration, heart rate, and the muscles in the blood vessel walls, which assist in determining blood pressure.
  5. e awake, alert, aware of one's surroundings

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  1. paralysis of half (right or left side of the body); stroke is the most common cause of hemiplegia
  2. brain
  3. lumbar puncture
  4. protrusion of the meninges (through a defect in the skull of vertebral arch)
  5. disease characterized by early dementia, confusion, loss of recognition or persons or familiar surroundings, restlessness, and impaired memory

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  1. mentalcognitive impairment characterized by a loss of intellectual brain function. Patients have difficulty in various ways, including difficulty in performing complex tasks, reasoning, learning, and retaining new information, orientation, word finding, and behavior. Dementia has several causes and is not considered part of normal aging.


  2. cerebral aneurysmaneurysm in the cerebrum


  3. TIATransient ischemic attack


  4. comastate of profound unconsciousness


  5. ictalseizure, attack