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  1. EP studies
  2. encephal/o
  3. PD
  4. mening/o, meningi/o
  5. PTSD
  1. a posttraumatic stress disorder
  2. b evoked potential studies
  3. c Parkinson disease
  4. d brain
  5. e meninges

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  1. progressive muscle atrophy caused by degeneration and scarring of neutrons along the lateral columns of the spinal cord that control muscles (also called Lou Gehrig disease)
  2. sudden surge of abnormal electrical activity in the brain, resulting in involuntary body movements or behaviors
  3. paralysis of half (right or left side of the body); stroke is the most common cause of hemiplegia
  4. radiographic imaging of the blood vessels in the brain (after an injection of contrast medium)
  5. unable to express one's thoughts or ideas in an orderly, intelligible manner

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  1. glioblastomatumor composed of developing glial tissue (the most malignant and most common primary tumor of the brain)


  2. ganglion(pl. ganglia)paralysis of four (limbs)


  3. panic attackmagnetic resonance imaging scan


  4. ment/o, psych/omind


  5. neur/oa nerve cell that conducts nerve impulses to carry out the function of the nervous system. Destroyed neurons cannot be replaced.


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