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  1. neurolysis
  2. psychiatry
  3. meningioma
  4. mening/o, meningi/o
  5. gangliitis
  1. a meninges
  2. b tumor of the meninges (benign and slow growing)
  3. c inflammation of a ganglion
  4. d specialty of the mind (branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of mental disorders)
  5. e separating a nerve (from adhesions)

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  1. nuclear medicine imaging technique with a radioactive substance that produces sectional imaging of the brain to examine blood flow and metabolic activity. Images are projected on a viewing screen.
  2. a spectrum of mental disorders, the features of which include onset during the infancy or childhood, preoccupation with subjective mental activity, inability to interact socially, and impaired communication
  3. a disorder characterized by intrusive, unwanted thoughts that result in the tendency to perform repetitive acts or rituals (compulsions), usually as a means of releasing tension or anxiety
  4. disorders characterized by physical symptoms for which no known physical cause exists
  5. electroencephalogram

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  1. cerebralpertaining to the cerebrum


  2. panic attacktotal paralysis (also spelled pamplegia)


  3. meningomyeloceleprotrusion of the meninges and spinal cord (through a neural arch defect in the vertebral column) (also called myelomeningocele)


  4. hyperesthesiaexcessive sensitivity (to stimuli)


  5. encephalomyeloradiculitisinflammation of the brain, spinal cord, and nerve roots