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  1. radiculopathy
  2. neuroma
  3. psychiatrist
  4. neurectomy
  5. AD
  1. a tumor made up of nerve (cells)
  2. b Alzheimer disease
  3. c disease of the nerve roots
  4. d excision of a nerve
  5. e a physician who studies and treats disorders of the mind

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  1. conveying away from the center (for example, efferent nerves carry information away from the central nervous system)
  2. inflammation of the cerebellum
  3. softening of the brain
  4. unable to express one's thoughts or ideas in an orderly, intelligible manner
  5. inflammation of the meninges

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  1. anesthesiapain in a nerve


  2. glioblastomatumor composed of developing glial tissue (the most malignant and most common primary tumor of the brain)


  3. paresiscondition of without speaking (loss or impairment of the ability to speak)


  4. quadriplegiaparalysis of four (limbs)


  5. neurorrhaphysuture of a nerve


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