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  1. neur/o
  2. neurectomy
  3. neuroid
  4. -iatrist
  5. encephalomalacia
  1. a excision of a nerve
  2. b specialist, physician
  3. c nerve
  4. d softening of the brain
  5. e resembling a nerve

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  1. meninges
  2. pertaining to the cranium and cerebrum
  3. process that includes the use of a computer to produce a series of brain tissue images at any desired depth. The procedure is painless and particularly useful in diagnosing brain tumors
  4. slight paralysis of half (right or left side of the body)
  5. a major psychological disorder typified by a disturbance in mood. The disorder is manifested by manic and depressive episodes that may alternate or elements of both may occur simultaneously.

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  1. cerebralpertaining to the cerebrum


  2. ictalseizure, attack


  3. neuralgiaresembling a nerve


  4. gliocyteglia, gluey substance


  5. mononeuropathydisease affecting a single nerve (such as carpal tunnel syndrome)