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  1. EP studies
  2. shingles
  3. cerebral palsy
  4. meninges
  5. psychiatry
  1. a evoked potential studies
  2. b viral disease that affects the peripheral nerves and causes blisters on the skin that follow the course of the affected nerves (also called herpes zoster)
  3. c three layers of membrane that cover the brain and spinal cord
  4. d specialty of the mind (branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of mental disorders)
  5. e condition characterized by lack of muscle control and partial paralysis, caused by a brain defect or lesion present at birth or shortly after

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  1. posttraumatic stress disorder
  2. slight paralysis of one (limb)
  3. brain
  4. resembling a nerve
  5. incision into a nerve

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  1. medulla oblongatalocated between the pons and spinal cord. It contains centers that control respiration, heart rate, and the muscles in the blood vessel walls, which assist in determining blood pressure.


  2. MSlumbar puncture


  3. comacerebrovascular accident


  4. meningomyeloceleinflammation of the meninges


  5. neurona nerve cell that conducts nerve impulses to carry out the function of the nervous system. Destroyed neurons cannot be replaced.