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Nervous System 7:6

What is the basic structural unit of the nervous system
A neuron consists of a cell body that contains?
What is another name for nerve fibers, that carry impulses toward the cell body
A single nerve fiber that carries impulses away from the cell body
A lipid covering
Myelin sheath
What are 3 the functions of the myelin sheath
increases the rate of transmission of an impulse, insulates and maintains the axon
What is a synapse
Spaces between axon of a neuron and dendrites of other neurons
What are the 3 layers of the meninges
Dura mater, arachnoid membrane and pia mater
What is the function of the meninges
A membrane that cover and protect brain and spinal cord
What are 2 functions of cerebrospinal fluid
Shock absorbers to protect, carries nutrients and removes wastes
What does the sympathetic nervous system do to the heart rate, respirations, blood pressure and digestive activity
Increase first 3 and decrease last
What does the parasympathetic nervous system do to the heart rate, respirations, blood pressure and digestive activity
Decrease the first 3 and increase the last
What is homeostasis
Balance state in the body
Describe paraplegia
Paralysis of lower extremities
Describe encephalitis
inflammation of the brain caused by virus or a mosquito bite
An excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain
Abnormal electrical impulses in the neurons of the brain
an acute inflammation of nerve cells caused by the herpes virus
Chronic progressive disabling condition resulting from degeneration of the myelin sheath
Multiple sclerosis
A condition that can be caused by an obstruction of blood flow to the brain or a hemorrhage
Cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
How is meningitis treated?
Antibiotics, anticonvulsants and antipyretics
List symptoms of Parkinson's disease
Tremors, stiffness, muscle rigidity, forward leaning position, shuffling gait and loss of facial expression and drooling
What is neuralgia
Nerve pain caused by inflammation, pressure, toxins, and other diseases
What are the functions of the nervous system?
Coordinates all activities of the body and enables the body to respond and adapt to changes
What are nerves?
Combination of many nerve fibers located outside the brain and spinal cord
These are sensory nerve fibers that carry messages from all parts of the body to the brain
These are motor nerve fibers that carry messages from the brain to muscles
These nerve fibers carry both sensory and motor messages
Where does the spinal cord begin and end
Starts at the medulla oblongata and ends at the first or second lumbar vertebrae
These are hollow spaces in the brain that are filled with fluid
These are mixed nerves, both afferent and efferent
Spinal nerves
What occurs to spinal fluid after is circulating
Absorbed into the blood vessels thru the arachnoid villi
This part of the brain is responsible for muscle coordination, balance and posture and muscle tone
Part of the brain responsible for conducting impulses between brain parts and for certain eye and auditory reflexes