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(n) the use of roundabout expressions or wordy and indirect language; speech or writing that is wordy or evasive


(n) verbal expression in the form of speech or writing; the formal and lengthy discussion of a subject, either written or spoken (v) to speak or write formally and at length; to engage in conversation or discussion


(n) the act or an example of the substitution of an in offensive term for one that is considered offensive, unpleasant, or too direct


(v) to speak hesitatingly; stammer; to waver in confidence; to move unsteadily; stumble (n) an unsteadiness in speech or action


(adj) able to read and write; knowledgeable; educated; well-written; polished (n) someone who can read and write; a well-informed, educated person


(v0 to talk idly or meaninglessly; babble; to utter in a childish or silly way (n) childish or meaningless sounds; babble


(n) a person who tells stories and anecdotes with skill and wit


(v) to say over again; repeat


(n) the act of expressing vocally; something that is expressed


(adj) using or containing an excessive number of words

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