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Because his army was stronger than his rival's the pretender to the throne was able to seize power throughout the entire _________.


Calling upon her many years of experience, the retired warden discussed with great ________ the topic of the evening-"Can Criminals Be Rehabilitated?"


Can any amounts of money _______ someone for years of sacrifice to a hopeless cause?


You will need experience, ability, financing, and good luck to have any chance of succeeding in so risky a business _______.


Despite intense heat, meager rainfall, and ______ vegetation, many animals have adapted to life in the desert.


Weary from months of hard work, she was hopeful that a week at a spa would __________ her.


As days passed without a phone call, a note, or an e-mail, his hopes for a reconciliation ________ until he no longer thought about her at all.


All the riches of this world, said the minister, are so much worthless _____ without spiritual values and faith.


He is such a ____ sports enthusiast that he spends almost all his spare time either playing ball or watching ball games on TV.


As the snake came into view and slithered across her path, the archaeologists eyes _______ with fear.


The wooden staircase we had worked so hard to build was now irregularly curved because the boards had ______


Doctors hope to lessen the number, length, and severity of common colds, even if they cannot provide complete _______ from them.


The idea that an incoming president would miraculously solve all of the nation's problems is simply ____________.


Although i cannot support her in the election, I fully appreciate her many ________ qualities.


The philanthropist devoted his time, energy, and funds to establishing an _________ for promoting world peace.


The English word beldam was take from the name of an infamous______ for the insane in medieval London.


When my pet hamster died suddenly, my friends were unable to _______ me during my hours of grief.


When we were discussing a serious problem like drug abuse, i feel that ________ remarks are in bad taste.


He is an excellent ball handler and a very good shot; his only serious _________ as a basketball player is lack of speed.


I consider myself a very peaceful person, but if anyone approaches me in a __________ manner, i am prepared to defend myself.


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