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"The Backwoods Boy" - Study Guide

The Backwoods Boy - Study Guide Unit 3 - Non Fiction

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When was Abe born?
February 12, 1809
Where was he born?
Who was Abe named after?
His pioneering grandfather
How was his grandfather killed?
By hostile Indians
How old was Abe when his mom died?
What was his moms name?
How old was she when she died?
What did abate go to school in?
What was the total time he received education?
Not even a year
How long did it take to repay $1,100?
15 years
What did Abe work as?
Where did Abe work?
New Salem
How much money did he receive a year?
What was the lesson of the book?
The harder life can be, and the harder one works, the more that person learns about being humble and appreciative
Why might the author have included facts about the fish and about Lincolns' school memories?
To show his generosity. The fact that he remembered his 1st teachers school name shows his love for school and respect for his teachers.
What prevented Abe Lincoln from attending school everyday?
Chores and his family moved around a lot.
What do the details about the temporary home (pg 412, ph1) tell you about Lincolns childhood?
His childhood was extremely difficult.
Give 1 of the possible reasons why the author included info. Nancy Lincoln's death?(3 possible awnsers in the awnser)
The info. brings to light the hardships of life w/o medical assistance, people were devastated by the epidemics,the death of Lincolns mother gains sympathy for him.
What details in the last paragraph on p. 413 show Lincoln was smart even though he had little schooling
He loved to read,remember poetry,always had a book on him.
What physical work does Lincoln do to help support his family?
Plow fields,drop lumber,dig wells, build pig pens
What did lincoln see in New Orleans that most have made 'his eyes pop'?
Gangs of slaves being sold,traders,cobblestone streets filled w/ people of all dif. languages.
Why does lincoln leave the prarie?
A man offered him a steady job, and his parents no longer needed him
What important career decision did he make @ the age of 23?
He ran for state legislator.
How does Lincoln get in & out of debt?
His store fails and his partner died,leaving him in $1,100 debt.Also he bought his tux on credit.he got out by working at a lot of jobs & taking up lawyering.