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hippocrates (460-370 BC)
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mary ezra mahoney (1845-1926)first black nurse who graduated from new england hospitalclara barton (1821 - 1912)established the red crossmary breckinridge (1881 - 1965)she realized a need for rural care for women and founded the frontier nursing service in kentuckyWho: - created the early systems of hygiene, sanitation, embalming, and dentistry. -had midwives and wet nurses -preserved medical recordsAncient Egyptians (3000-300 BC)WHO: - had daily exercise routines and diets that include the use of herbs and vitamins -created an asclepion: a healing templeAncient Greeks (1200-200 BC)Which ancient Greek was the "father of western medicine", created the Hippocratic Oath, and stated that healing needed: fresh air, good food, rest, and cleanlinessHippocrates (460-377 BC)Which ancient greek discovered that the brain controls the muscle that control your body? This person studied though deceased patients and dead animals. They were the 1st experimental psychologists.Galen (circa 130-200 AD)Who trained soldiers as physicians, created the aqueduct systems, 1st hospital, and sterilization.Romans (753 BC - 410 AD)Who created the 1st vaccinations, the rule of physical exam (look, listen, ask, & feel), and acupunctureAncient Chinese (1700 BC - 220 AD)Who made it their priority to feed the hungry and care the the sickEarly Christians Era (1-500 AD)During the Medieval Era (500 - 1500 AD) who were some of the 1st surgeons?BarbersDuring the Modern Era: the renaissance (1300-1600) what were some of the inventions/discoveries? (list abt 3-5)1) scientific method 2) microscope 3) apothecaries 4) dissection of human body 5) printing pressDuring the Modern Era: the industrial revolution (1700-1899) what were some of the discoveries/inventions? (list abt 3-5)1) Stethoscope 2) Ophthalmoscope 3) capillaries & blood vessels 4) penicillin 5) medical asepsisDuring the Modern era: 1900-present was where from of the discoveries/inventions? (list abt 3-5)1) x-rays & ultrasound 2) DNA testing 3) medical insurance 4) patients rights 5) human genome