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Resurrection and ascension of Christ; Pentacost
c 30 AD
Death of Stephen and conversion of Paul
c 35 AD
Paul visits Jerusalem
c 35 AD
Paul in Tarsus
c 35-45 AD
Gaius (Caligula) succeeds Tiberius as Roman Emperor
37 AD
Claudius succeeds Gaius as Roman Emperor
41 AD
Conversion of Cornelius
c 41 AD
Herod Agrippa king of the Jews
41-44 AD
Herod Agrippa's attack on the church
43-44 AD
Paul joins Barnabas in Antioch
45-46 AD
Barnabas and Paul's famine-relief visit to Jerusalem
46 AD
Barnabas and Paul in Cyprus and central Asia Minor
47-48 AD
Ananias high priest in Jerusalem
47-58 AD
Council of Jerusalem
49 AD
Jews expelled from Rome
49 AD
Paul and Silas travel from Antioch to Europe
49-50 AD
Paul in Corinth
50-52 AD
Galio proconsul of Achaia
51-52 AD
Felix procurator of Judea
52-59 AD
Paul in Epheses
52-55 AD
Nero succeeds Claudius as Roman Emperor
54 AD
Paul in Macedonia, Illyricum and Greece
55-57 AD
Paul's last visit to Jerusalem; his arrest and imprisonment
57 AD
Festus procurator of Judea
59-61 AD
Paul appeals to Caesar
59 AD
Paul's journey to Rome
59-60 AD
Paul in Rome
60-62 AD
Great fire of Rome
64 AD
Paul and Peter executed in Rome
c 65 AD