News Leads and Interviewing

when to use a news lead
story with consequence or conlfict
when to use a feature lead
story with humor and human interest
the essentials to put first when writing a news lead
who, what, where, when
things to usually put first when writing a feature story
why, how
4 types of feature leads
suspended interest, scene setting, dramatic anecdote, word play
suspended interest lead
lead that creates mystery by withholding key details about the story to lure the reader along
scene setting lead
using descriptive sensory details to paint a picture of a place
dramatic anecdote lead
a moment or short story told through chronological narration; attaches the reader to a character and her story; jumps right into dramatic moment in story
word play lead
find a pun/cliche/slogan/lyrics that apply or connect to the story, then give it a twist
summary in a feature story
general structure of a news story
news lead, indirect quote, direct quote, indirect, direct
general structure of a feature story
feature lead, nutgraf, direct, indirect
questions to avoid in an interview
yes/no and -est
stock questions
all-purpose questions usable in any situation
what to ask before ending every interview
is there anything else i should know
what to start an interview with
basic info
what reading a story back to a subject before publication does
shows you care about accuracy, helps eliminate mistakes, makes it difficult for source to sue for libel
4 ways to avoid editorializing
3rd person only, attribution of any opinions, beware of adjectives, don't overstate reality
a good reason to include direct quotation in a story
to add character to the story
two words that are generally in open-ended questions
why, how