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  1. erupt
  2. simmer
  3. lubricate
  4. digestion
  5. debut
  1. a to make smooth
  2. b the first presentation of someone or something
  3. c to keep the temperature just below the boiling point
  4. d to explode with great force
  5. e the process in which food is changed in the stomach and intestines so that the body can use it

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  1. strong; well built
  2. a period of dryness
  3. not yet decided or determined
  4. to quarrel in a noisy or an angry way
  5. to think with pleasure about something unfortunate that happened to someone else or good that happened to oneself

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  1. indispensablenecessary or essential


  2. oracleto quarrel in a noisy or an angry way


  3. unscathedto make smooth


  4. reservoirto explode with great force


  5. hypocriteto make longer or extend the length of