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  1. drought
  2. prevention
  3. mental
  4. commemorate
  5. unscathed
  1. a a period of dryness
  2. b a keeping from happening
  3. c to honor the memory of someone or something
  4. d not harmed or injured
  5. e having illness of the mind

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  1. to make longer or extend the length of
  2. not being or acting according to rule
  3. the process in which food is changed in the stomach and intestines so that the body can use it
  4. a statement from as accused person claiming to be elsewhere when a crime was committed
  5. necessary or essential

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  1. reservoira place where water is stored for future use


  2. pendinghaving illness of the mind


  3. sturdyto keep the temperature just below the boiling point


  4. lubricateto make longer or extend the length of


  5. acknowledgeto quarrel in a noisy or an angry way