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  1. prevention
  2. oracle
  3. duration
  4. drought
  5. sturdy
  1. a a period of dryness
  2. b a person through which god is believed to speak
  3. c the length of time in which something occurs
  4. d a keeping from happening
  5. e strong; well built

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  1. having illness of the mind
  2. extremely large
  3. to keep the temperature just below the boiling point
  4. a person who expresses feelings or beliefs that he or she really doesn't believe in
  5. to honor the memory of someone or something

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  1. reservoira place where water is stored for future use


  2. eruptthe first presentation of someone or something


  3. acknowledgeto quarrel in a noisy or an angry way


  4. pendinghaving illness of the mind


  5. unscathednot harmed or injured