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The vocabulary from the second unit of the course AP Human Geography, Migration

Activity Space

the space within which daily activity occurs

Chain Migration

the social process by which immigrants from a particular town follow one another to a different city

Cyclic Movement

movement that has a closed route repeated annually or seasonally

Distance Decay

the various degenerative effects of distance on human spatial structures and interactions

Forced Migration

human migration flows in which the movers have no choice but to relocate

Gravity Model

predicts that the optimal location of a service is directly related to the number of people in the area and inversely related to the distance people must travel to access it

Internal Migration

migration flow within a nation-state, such as ongoing westward and southward movements in the US

Intercontinental Migration

migration flow involving movement across international borders

Interregional Migration

migration flow within a certain country or state

Intervening Opportunity

an environmental or cultural feature of the landscape that helps migration

Migratory Movement

human relocation movement from a source to a destination without a return journey, as opposed to cyclical movement

Periodic Movement

a form of migration that involves intermittent but recurrent movement, such as temporary relocation for college or service in the military

Personal Space

the space a person can reach without travelling

Pull Factors

those that pull you towards a certain destination, such as weather, economy, and family

Push Factors

those that push you away from your current abode, such as weather, economy, and family


people who have been dislocated involuntarily from their original place of settlement

Rural-Urban Migration

migration flow going frow rural to urban areas

Space-Time Prism

the set of all points that can be reached by an individual given a maximum possible speed from a starting point in space-time and an ending point in space-time

Step Migration

migration to a distant destination that occurs in stages. For example, from farm to nearby village to town to city


a seasonal periodic movement of pastoralists and their livestock between lowland and highland pastures


moving from one country or region to another

Voluntary Migration

population movement in which people relocate in response to percieved oppurtunity, not because they are forced to move

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