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Hip Joint and True and False

The hip joint is the best example of ________ joint (ball and socket joint).
The head of the femur fits into the _________of the hip bone, which is deepened by the _________ ________.
acetabulum labrum
The acetabular labrum is completed below by the _________ _________ligament which bridges the acetabular ______
transverse acetabular
The articular cartilage on the acetabulum is an incomplete __________shaped marginal ring.
The head of the femur is covered by articular cartilage except for the area of the _____ ______ ______ where the ligamentum teres femoris of the femur is attached. (This is a triangular band of synovial membrane)
fovea capitis femoris
If you snap the head of the femur bone, you block the ONLY blood supply from:
Acetabular branch
The strong dense articular capsule is further strengthened by all the following ligaments:( Give stability to hip joint and prevents it from slipping out)
Iliofemoral ligament ---(ligament of Bigelow) Y-shaped, allows leaning back, conserve muscular activity.
Pubofemoral ligament---(from pubic bone)
Ischiofemoral ligament---deeply placed (posterior view)
Ligament of the Head of femur ---Ligamentum Teres Femoris attach head of femur to acetabulm.
The Ischiofemoral ligament encircle the neck of femur in place. Some of its fibers wrap tightly around head of femur and is called?
Zona Orbicularis
All of the following supply nerve to the hip joint:
Femoral n---L2,3,4
Obturator n.---L2,3,4
Superior gluteal n.---L4, L5, S1
Nerve to Quadriceps Femoris --L4,L5,S1
Accessory obturator nerve (when present)
What is the common root value found in all the nerves that supply the hip joint?
Referred pain of the hip joint is felt where?
Lower back
Over the knee
Pain in the hip can be misleading because it is often from the _________.
Vertebral column- around L3,L4 at the back
The superior gluteal aretery is a blood supply to the hip joint. T/F
All of the following are blood supply of the hip joint:
Obturator a. via its acetabular branch
Inferior Gluteal a.
Medial circumflex a.
Lateral circumflex a.
All of the following are the actions of the hip joint:
Dislocation of the hip joint is rare because?
Ball and socket joint
Strong tough articular capsule
Strength of intrinsic ligament
Extensive muscles over the joint
Fracture of the neck of femur has the following characteristics:
seen in older women (post menapause, over age of 60)
common in females than males
20 weeks healing
When the vessels are damaged during fracture of the neck of femur it leads to what clinical condition?
Avascular Necrosis
The arteries form a ________ _________ around the head and neck of the femur.
Cruciate Anastomosis
All of the ollowing are characteristics of Congenital hip dislocation:
more common in females
head of femur slip on the gluteal surface of ilium
why? Upper lip of acetabulum labrum is not fully developed
A cast or traction is necessary to restrict movement and allow healing
The normal angle of inclination of the femur bone is between 120-135, average 125 degrees. T/F-
When the angle of inclination of the neck of the femur bone is LESSER than 120 degrees, forces the distal part of femur together giving knock knee. This condition is called?
Coxa Vara -<120 degrees
When the angle of inclination of the neck of the femur is GREATER than 135degrees, causes distal part of the femur to move apart giving bow legs. Name the condition?
Coxa Valga > 135 degrees
All diarthrosis are synovial joints and are freely moveable. T/F
A hyaline type cartilage that covers the bone surfaces at the joint is called?
Articular cartilage
A cavity that separates the articulating bones is called?
Synovial cavity
A sleevelike structure that encloses synovial cavity and unite the articulating bone (secrete synovial fluid that lubricates the joints) is called?
Articular capsule
What is the name of a joint that has a ball like surface that fits into a cup like depression and where is it found?-
Ball and Socket joint -(Spheroid joint)
Hip joint
What is the name of a joint that has oval shaped condyle fits into an elliptical cavity and where is it found?-
Ellipsoidal joint (Condyle joint)
What is the name of a joint that its articulating surface is usually flat; between navicular and cuneiforms of tarsus (ankle).
Glidding joint (Arthrodial joint)
Knee joint
What is the name of a joint that its spool like surface fits into a concave surface, between the trochlea and humerus.-
Hing joint (Ginglymus joint)
Ankle joint
What is the name of a joint that is rounded, pointed, or with a concave surface that fits a ring
shaped structures?-
Pivot joint (Trochoid joint)
Knee joint
What is the name of a joint whose articular surface of one bone fits into a saddle
shape surface of another.-
Saddle joint (Sellaris joint)
Calcaneocuboid joint