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Español Capítulo 4 pretéritos irregulares

I managed to finish my homework
pude terminar mi tarea
You managed to finish your homework
pudiste terminar tu tarea
S/he, you (polite) managed to finish the homework
ella, él, Ud. pudo terminar la tarea
We managed to finish our homework
pudimos terminar nuestra tarea
You guys managed to finish the homework
vosotros pudisteis terminar tarea
They, you guys managed to finish the homework
ellos, ellas, Uds. pudieron teminar la tarea
I had to leave early
tuve que irme temprano
You had to leave early
tuviste que irte temprano
S/he had to leave early
ella, él, Ud. tuvo que irse temprano
We had to leave early
tuvimos que irnos temprano
You guys had to leave early
vosotros tuvisteis que iros temprano
They, you guys had to leave early
ellos, ellas, Uds. tuvieron que irse temprano
I was tired yesterday
estuve cansado ayer
You were worried yesterday
estuviste preocupado ayer
S/he was busy yesterday
ella, él, Ud. estuvo ocupado ayer
You (polite) were angry
Ud. estuvo enojado ayer
We were happy
estuvimos contentos
You guys were confused
vosotros estuvisteis confundidos
They, you guys were confused
ellos, ellas, Uds. estuvieron confundidos
I said hello
yo dije hola
You said goodbye
tú dijiste adiós
S/he, you polite said thank you
ella, él, Ud. dijo gracias
We said "good job"
nosotros dijimos "buen trabajo"
You guys said "never mind"
vosotros dijisteis "no importa"
They, you guys said "don't look at me"
ellos, ellas, Uds. dijeron "no me mires"
I gave you the homework
yo te di la tarea
You gave her the homework
tú le diste la tarea a ella
S/he, you gave them the homework
ella, él, Ud. les dio la tarea a ellos
We gave him the homework
nosotros le dimos la tarea a él
You guys gave me the homework
vosotros me disteis la tarea
They, you guys gave us the homework
ellos, ellas, Uds. nos dieron la tarea
They showed a program last night
ellos dieron un programa anoche