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Function and Location of Epithelial Tissues

Line one is FUNCTION Line two is LOCATION
Simple Squamous
Found in thin tissue where absorption is critical
Ex: walls of capillaries, aveoli
Stratified Squamous
Found in thick tissue where abrasion is likely.
ex: surface of skin, linings of oral cavity
Simple Cuboidal
Lines ducts and tubules
ex: tubules in kidneys, ducts in skin
Stratified Cuboidal
Lines larger glands
ex: sweat glands in skin, salivary gland ducts
Can stretch
ex: lines urinary bladder and ureters
Simple Columnar
Can secrete and absorb because of microvilli
ex: lines most of digestive tract, uterus and uterine tubes
Single layer of cells that has lots of cilia
ex: lines upper respiratory tract
Stratified Columnar
Very rare
ex: parts of digestive tract, parts of male reproductive tract.