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metric system

metric system flash cards
Mega (M)
10^6 (ten to the 6th power)
Kilo (k)
10^3 (ten to the third power)
Hecto (h)
10^2 (ten to the second power)
Deca (da)
10^1 (ten to the first power)
Meter, Liter, Gram (m)(l)(g)
10^0 (ten to the zeroth power)
Deci (d)
10^-1 (ten to the negative first power)
Centi (c)
10^-2 (ten to the negative second power)
Milli (m)
10^-3 (ten to the negative third power)
micro (u)
10^-6 (ten to the negative 6)
nano (n)
10^-9 ( ten to the negative 9th)
10^-12 (ten to the negative 12th)

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