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Two ways you can customise the HCI
: You can change the resoultion
: You can change the icons and text size
: You can change the background
: You can change the mouse pointer
What language is used in automated systems?
: High level language / control language
What is a control unit?
: A control unit manages the fetching and executing of instructions.
What carries out calculation and makes simple comparrisons?
Arithmetic and Logic unit (ALU)
What is registers?
Temporary storage locations
Two functions of an operating system?
: Memory management
: File management
: Error reporting
: Command Interpretation
: Program Scheduling
: Input/ output control
Why do beginners make use of a wizzard?
Guides them through the process by getting them to answer a series of questions
What does the term Template mean?
A template is text that is pre saved to be used for quickness of adding to a document.
An advantage of using a table!
: Looks tidier
: Easy to see information
: Easy to add rows and columns is needed
: Allows you to split and merge cells in the table
What is the term meant by interactive processing?
: Data is processed as it is entered
: Data is processing immediatly
: Like a conversation/ Dialog (between the user and computer)
How is a check digit used to detects errors?
As the number is entered the computer calculates the check digit and if it doesn't match the check digit an error message appears.