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Religion Test

What are the 10 commandments?
Don't Kill, Don't cheat, Don't Steal, One God and that's God, Don't use the Lord's name in Vain, Don't make any Idols, Don't Lie, Don't Covert, Honor your Mother and Father, Keep Sabbath Holy
What are the Five Pillars?
Give to the poor, pray 5 times a day, Travel to Mecca once in your life, Commit to one God and that is Allah, fast during Ramadan
What are the Prophets?
Abraham, Jesus, Muhammed(peace and blessings upon him)
What is the sacred text for Christianity?
What is the sacred text for Islam and Judaism?
Koran(islam), Torah(Judaism)
What is the Holy city for all three religions?
What are the names of the followers of Judaism?
Where do Muslims pray at?