US History Test #18

his wife Eleanor
While recovering from polio, who did Roosevelt depend on to keep his name prominent in the New York Democratic Party?
the dollar
Bank runs increased before Roosevelt's inauguration because some people thought he would abandon the gold standard and reduce the value of .....
the Second New Deal
What did the series of programs and reforms that Roosevelt launched in 1935 come to be called?
binding arbitration
A process whereby dissatisfied union members could take their complaints to a neutral party who would listen....
American Liberty League
In August 1934, business leaders and anti-New Deal politicians from both parties joined together to create the ....
Securities and Exchange Commission
To regulate the stock market and prevent fraud, Congress created an independent agency called the ....
No group of Americans had been as badly hurt by the Depression as the nation's ....
investment banking
The Glass-Steagall Act separated commercial banking from ....
the Hundred Days
What was the period called between March 9 and June 16, 1933, when Congress passed 15 major acts to meet the economic crisis?
construction industry
The Public Works Administration was created as a federal relief agency to put back to work the unemployed in the .....
First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt
Who helped bring about the change in the African American and women's vote?
cut back programs
According to Keynesian economics, Roosevelt had done exactly the wrong thing in 1937 when he ....
a 40-hour workweek
The Fair Labor Standards Acot of 1935 provided more protection for workers, the abolition of child labor, and ...
What was the most important thing Roosevelt offered to the people during the Depression?
farmers/domestic workers
Who did the Social Security Act initially leave out?
fireside chats
Radio talks by Roosevelt to people
deficit spending
spending more money than you take in
changed American spirit
What was the most important result of the first New Deal?