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Kenneth Branaugh
Emma Thompson
Michael Keaton
Director of 1993 version of Much Ado About Nothing
Kenneth Branaugh
Situation created btwn Beatrice and Benedick
at first they bicker at each other even though they are completely in love and it takes a lot of setting up for them to finally admit their feelings for one another
What did the Prince and others trick Beatrice and Benedick into thinking?
that claudio had an affair before his wedding night with hero, which results in Beatrice wanting Benedick to kill Claudio to avenge the fake death of Hero
written dialogue, actual written document of the play
Aesthetic distance
the mental and physical distance of the audience from the performance
part of the plot containing a series of conflicts and decisions by the characters, intensifies the conflict
turning point in the plot
environment the play physically takes place in
why a character acts
improvisational theatre/improv
performed in the moment; little to no prep, no script, not fully realized production (no lights, set, etc)
japanese form of theatre; developed in 1600s, highly stylized (makeup/movements), singing, live musical accompaniment
commedia dell'arte
form of theatre characterized by masked "types" which began in Italy in the 16th century and was responsible for the advent of the actresses and improvised performances based on sketches or scenarios
writes the script, creates the story
scenic designer
person who designs the set for a proaction, directs master carpenter, carpenters, etc
lighting designer
"sculpt with light"; employ master electricians, electricians, etc. put shadows where they want, paint over color, designed more in the imagination than other areas.
costume designer
works with the actors' entire bodies, directs costume construction (seamstresses), usually (if not also the designed) consults with the hair and makeup designed, assigns wardrobe master/mistress and dresses; research, hair/clothes/sometimes makeup
main channel of communication between playwrights and audience
audience on 1 side of stage, views acting through frame
audience on 3 sides of stage/playing area
audience surrounds stage/playing area
selective visibility
proper focus
rhythm and structure
indicate rise and fall in action, reinforce themes, structure, etc
3 main types of stages
four purposes of lighting
selective visibility
rhythm and structure
illusion and motivation
atmosphere of the scene
illusion and motivation
create time and place, effects
three functions of costumes
people, importance, relationships, etc
era, time of day, climate, season, location, occasion
character, social position, profession, age, health, etc
Konstantin Stanislavsky
Method for Acting
Six elements of tragedy
- plot
- character
- thought
- diction
- song
- spectacle
- ancient greece
Henrik Ibsen
Ghosts, A Doll's House
- father of realism
- addressed the husband/wife dynamics of the time
- extremely controversial bc Nora leaves Torvald at the end of play
- unheard of at the time, end was changed when premiered in America
Tartuffe, The Imaginary Invalid
- France, owner/actor/writer
- theatre illustre
- satirist - renowned for use of language
August Strindberg
Miss Julie, A Dream Play, Ghost Sonata
- expressionism/swedish
American realism playwrights
William Inge, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller
Oscar Wilde
The Importance of Being Ernest
- American
- well-made play
- exaggerated formula, humorous, successful
Tom Stoppard
Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
- post modernism/czech born english raised
- Stoppardian: used to describe plays that use humor to explore philosophical themes
Samuel Beckett
Waiting for Godot, Happy Days, Endgame
- most well known absurdist playwright
- intentionally evasive
Andrew Lloyd Weber
Cats, Phantom of the Opera
- known for his epic musicals and departure from traditional styles
Stephen Sondheim
Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods
- trained by Hammerstein
- known for his complex lyrical structure
- found inspiration in dark material - murderous barber, assassins
Where Shakespeare was born
Number of plays Shakespeare is credited with
14 lines, Iambic pentameter, ABAB/CDCD/EFEF/GG
Iambic pentameter
unstressed, stressed
First Collection of Shakespeare's work
The First Folio: published 1623 after his death.
Shakespeare's troupe and their theatre
Lord Chamberlain's Men, The Globe Theatre
tells a story
basic literary constructs
controlled setting
genre films
professional actors/crew
film is a unified expression of one person, the director, who completely controls the mise-en-scene
studios focused on fewer, large budget films w a lot of marketing promotion
what the camera records over a particular period
two shot
two people in a frame
rack/differential focus
main object/person of interest is in focus, rest of scene blurs
camera rotates horizontally on a fixed axis
First full-length animated feature
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
First fully computer animated feature length film
Toy Story
Three types of dissolves
iris in/out
means of ending a scene
technically body modification; drawing by inserting ink into the dermis layer of the skin
old school tattoo
solid bold blue/black outlines, filled in w reg/green, sometimes add blue/yellow/brown/purple
new school tattoo
bold and bright with more contemporary and fantastical content; uses more elaborate shading, blending, variety of color
tribal tattoo
designs often used to distinguish tribe, social standing/rank, family, etc
Chip Foose
automative designer, star of Overhaulin: show that showcases cars that are remade/customized in a week
Chef Duff Goldman
owns/operates Charm City Cakes, Baltimore, MD
hired art students to work there and create cakes for any vision
Robert Corso
owner of Fortune Bros. Tattoo Company, tattoo artist