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Parts of a paramecium and how they perform their life functions


cilia beat food into oral groove


cilia beat like oars, move in a corkscrew fashion


occurs in the food vacuoles


O2 enters through cell membrane

Excretion (solid)

anal pore

Excretion (liquid)

pumped out through the contractile vacuoles

Excretion (gas)

CO2 goes out through the membrane


go to light and away from heat


paramecium take in food to perform ___


asexual/fission (split in half)


poison darts in the membrane


when 2 paramecium join at the oral groove, each exchanges some of its DNA so that both are now a bit different

Oral Groove

takes in water and food

food vacuoles

bubles of food that float around in a paramecium

contractile vacuoles

pump out unwanted liquid

anal pore

gets rid of solid wastes


performs bodily functions


performs only during reproduction


pump water/food into oral groove

cell membrane

what oxygen and carbon dioxide enter/exit through

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