Initiative & referemdums are both modern adaptations of what?
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What did they do at the second continental congress?established an army, George Washington = commander in chief, Common Sense pamphletKBD unicameral and bicameral legislatureone legislature chamber or two legislature chambers. Two allows for checks & balancesWhat is a confederation?a political system in which states or regional governments retain ultimate authority except for those powers they expressively delegate to a central government.what can congress do and what can congress not do?Could Declare was, make peace, armed forces, request soldiers & funds from states, regulate money, borrow money, "issue bills of credit" (owe debt), weight & measurement (SI system, metric, etc), admiralty courts, postal system, Indian affairs, citizens maintain rights when in different states, help with disputes among states Could not do Treaties, foreign affairs, draft soldiers, regulate interstate & foreign commerce (could not dictate taxes), collect taxes from people directly, make states give them money, provide & maintain paper moneyKnow what was suggested under the Virginia plan.bicameral legislature, favors big states, done by population of each state, legislature could void state laws, unspecified national executive elected by legislature, national judiciary appointed by legislatureKnow the NJ plan.still thought articles of confederation were workable, one state one vote, congress could regulate trade & impose taxes, congress acts = supreme law of the land, congress elected executive office, executive elected supreme courtKnow the Great Compromise (Connecticut Plan or Compromise)bicameral, lower chamber = by population & slaves count as 3/5, upper chamber has 2 votes per stateWhat was not a compromise made in the constitution? What was suggested but left out?banning slaveryThe US is among the few countries that do not tax their exports. Why?south made compromise with north, north demanded that congress could regulate commerce between statesWhat did the anti-federalists demand?The Bill of RightsThe Bill of Rights provided for what?Protect against national government from state government.What are the 2 formal methods of proposing an amendment to The Bill of Rights the constitution?two-thirds vote by congress, and a national convention that is called by congress at request of 2/3 of congressOut of more than 11,000 amendments to the constitution that have been considered by congress, only __ have been ratified.17 or 27What is judicial review?the judicial branch can examine constitutionality of the other branchesArticle 1, section 8 of the constitution gives congress the power to _______, and this clause has been cited as the basis for passing thousands of laws by the federal & imports/exports