Business management test #1

JD Rockefeller
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Middle managementThey are responsible for meeting the goals of the senior managers make. Examples; department heads, district managersSupervisory ManagementThey make sure the day today operations of the business are running smoothly. Examples: crew leaders, store managerManagement TasksBasic activities at all managers engage with. Examples: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controllingManagement roles: InterpersonalProvides leadership within the company or interact with others outside the organization.Management Roles: information-relatedProvide information to their employees by holding meetings or finding other ways of letting employees know about important business activities.Management roles: decision-makingAre those a manager please when making changes in policies, resolving conflicts, or deciding how best to use resources.Management roles : conceptual skillsThese help managers understand how different parts of a business relate to one another and to the business as a whole. Example: decision making, planning and organizingManagement skills: human relations skillsThese help managers understand how to work well with people. Examples: interviewing job applicants, forming partnerships with other businesses and resolving conflicts all require a good human relations skills.Management skills: technical skillsThe specific abilities of people used to perform their jobs. Examples: wordprocessing, designing a brochure and training people to use a new budgeting system.EntrepreneurIs a person who takes the risk to own and operate a businesssmall businessIs a company that is independently owned and operated.