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Abraham bin Yiju and the Crusdaes

abraham bin yiju
travels 1120-1140
tunisia, s. india, cario
clovis unified territory that evolved in carolingians
holy roman empire
defenders of christian church in the west
mutual recognition of abassid empire at their height
crowned emperor of the HRE
northern europe
flanders, brugesm ghent (important in the production of wool)
champagne fairs
traders come and set up booths to sell their wool
italians dealt with ___________ and brought goods from the ____________________
money, middle east
in order to sell these goods you must have a _______________
jewish merchant
christians aren't allowed to trade with ______
people need __________ to move goods around
jewish merchants
west asia
byzantines and abassids
greek orthodoxy
alexios I is frustrated because people are pushing his boarders, so he writes a letter to the west asking for help.
sejuk turks sack baghdad to scare the caliph
many of the franks don't know how segmented the middle east is.
alexios' letter to enemy
gets them on his side
mutual feelings toward group
scare them into what will happen
gets romans on his side
pope urban II
gives speech about why they need to defeat muslims
"call for the crusades"
call for the crusades
automatic ticket to heaven
"armed pilgrimage"
gets people out of jail to fight for the holy land
protection of family, women, and children
conquest of jerusalem: abraham
abraham is offstage
all of his family is on the coast being captured
crusades aren't affecting arabian sea or egypt
he is immune
order of events in the crusades
1095- call for crusades
1096- franks on the move to middle east
1099- franks conquer jerusalem
1150- new caliphate called ayyubids
1204- 4th crusade
1241- attack by mongols
frankish conquer of jerusalem
alexiad writes account of the conquer
doesn't involve byzantines
franks divide areas up into crusader states (antioch, tripoli, edessa, jerusalem)
alexiad's book
similar to the iliad
in the end- tells of pressure of turks and how crusaders are on their own
from kurdistan
salah ad-din was kurdish
4th crusade
another major push by the franks to reconquer jerusalem (failed)
franks got stuck at constantinople (sack byzantine)
greek and catholic relationship is severed
attack of the mongols
hungary and poland
raid europe: successful
want to convert so that they can attack muslims
christians send out priests
mongol leader died and mongols never come back