18 terms

The Mongols

represent largest landmass empire
horse based = nomadic
strong and stout
sadels = mounted archers
more efficient in warfare
multi directional response
genghis khan
"world conquerer"
created alliances with tatars (tartars=hell)
unifies much of mongolian empire
what is gehghis kahn's real name
mongolian capital
surrounded by little mounds
secret history of the mongols
only nomadic source (poem)
origins of genghis kahn (wolf and deer)
he is fatherless
mongol society
women were important
story of how genghis treats men (respectful)
they did not care about ethnicity or religion
four dynasties
juvaini, history of the world conquerer
baghdad was conquered
not very critical of mongols
has to come up with rational as to why allah let this happen
Rashid al-Din, universal history
gives history that is less bias
more geneology
Qasida for Baghdad
takes 100 years for someone to criticize mongols
Letters from Genghis Kahn
some speculation that genghis was illiterate
mongols illiterate as well
john diplano carpini
mission to convert mongols
95% of text is about war, character, food, values, and then they will be saved
closest thing we have to a spy report
william of rubruck
writing for king of france
trying to offer intelligence of mongols
marco polo
less reliable than rebruck
very good at seducing you into believing him
does not talk about: great wall, chopsticks, foot-binding
why is marco polo's unreliability somewhat reliable
he worked in the salt trade and they were persian, which is the language of the mongols
orodic of pordenone
s. china sea
missionary who describes trade networks
not interested in big things, just his experience as a missionary
ibn battuta
traveled more than marco polo