9 terms

landforms, minerals, & igneous rocks

wide base; steep sides; alternating layers of lava & tephra; alternating gentle & explosive eroptions
cinder cone
narrow base; steep sides; layers of tephra; explosive eroptions
wide base; gentle sides; layers of lava; gentle erotions
ocean trenches
convergent boundary; the plates move towards eachother the dense one goes under; looks like a cayon or valley
mid-ocean ridges
divergent bounday; the plates move away from eachother magma fills in the gap pushing the crust upwards; looks like a range of moutains
is it a mineral?
inorganic; solid; naturally ocurring; crystal structure; definite chemical composition
what mineral?
color, streak, luster, density,hardness, cleveage/fracture, special properties,crystal systems
forms in the crust; long cooling time; large crystals; ex. granite
on the crust; short cooling time; small crystals; ex. obsidian