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January Saints Sister Chris

Jan. 1st New Years
pray for world peace
through internecine of Mary
magi, three gifts, represents gentiles and all humanity.
Jan 2
what day is the epiphany?
Elizabeth Ann Seton
January 4th
Elizabeth Ann Seton
-daughter of charity
Baptism of the lord
-JB river Jordan
voice- father
Jesus- son
dove- holy spirit
Martin Luther king Jr.
profit rooted in non-violence who called U.S. citizens to embrace racial equality and civil rights.
Christian Unity
we pray that all Christian Churches may become one.
st. agnes
a teenage martyr of the Church
st. paul
originally a jewish pharisee
st. paul
rich and well educated, buys roman citizenship
st. paul
a bounty hunter of Christians
st. paul
great letter writer of the new testament, beheaded in Rome by the emporer. nickname- apostle.
presentation in the temple
feb 2
presentation in the temple
-mary and Joseph bring baby Jesus to the temple to Dedicate him to God.
-Anna- pierces heart with a sword
-Simeon- Like- Dislike JC
bishop and patron of throat illness
feast of love and friendship
feb 14th
Ash Wednesday
-day after mardi gras
-lent begins- 40 days
-begins lent
-lent means springtime.
-season of repentance/ conversion
time, talent, treasure
3 t's
prayer, service, sacrifice
St. Patrick
-Patron of Ireland
St. Joseph
-dreamer- David
-Foster Father
March 25th
- Mary says yes to being the God Bearer- Theotokis
- Gabriel
- Announce
st. agnes
name means lamb of God
st. agnes
represents her incense and purity
Elizabeth Ann Seaton
catholic schools in U.S.
St. Joseph
Protector of Universal Church