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23 terms

Quizlet 7: Reviewing the verbs SER and LLEVAR

Yo soy inteligente.
I am smart.
Tú eres guay.
You are cool. (informal)
Él es fuerte.
He is strong.
Ella es guapa.
She is good-looking.
Usted es tenista.
You are a tennis player. (formal)
Nosotros somos estudiantes.
We are students.
Vosotros sois futbolistas.
Y'all are soccer players. (informal)
Ellas son mujeres.
They are women.
Ellos son hombres.
They are men.
Ustedes son idiotas.
Y'all are idiots. (formal)
Yo llevo zapatos.
I'm wearing shoes.
Tú llevas calcetines feos.
You are wearing ugly socks. (informal)
Ella lleva un vestido bonito.
She is wearing a pretty dress.
Él no lleva ropa roja.
He is not wearing red clothes.
Usted lleva chanclas.
You are wearing flip flops. (formal)
Nosotros llevamos camisetas amarillas.
We are wearing yellow T-shirts.
Vosotros lleváis pantalones negros.
Y'all are wearing black pants. (informal)
Ustedes llevan pantalones cortos.
Y'all are wearing short pants. (formal)
Ellas llevan chaquetas rosadas.
They (all females) are wearing pink jackets.
Ellos llevan camisas.
They (all males) are wearing shirts.
el chandal
the jogging suit
los pantalones de chandal
sweatpants, sweats
la sudadera
the sweatshirt