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the repetition of CONSONANT sounds
ex: lonely lands


the repetition of VOWEL sounds
ex: go slowly


the repetition of middle/final CONSONANT sounds
ex: hat sit


repetition of sounds at the end of words

end rhyme

occurs when the rhyming word/s come at the end of lines

slant rhyme

rhyme in which either the vowel or the consonants of stressed syllables are identical (look like they should rhyme, but they don't)
ex: grove, love

approximate near half off imperfect

types of slant rhymes (5)

eye rhyme

based on similarity of spelling rather than sound - conventional, reflecting historical changes in pronunciation: love/move/prove, why/envy

internal rhyme

occurs when the rhyming words appear in the same line

rhyme scheme

a regular patter of rhyming words in a poem, indicated by using different letters of the alphabet for each new rhyme (abab, aabb, ab ab cd cd)


the use of any element of language- a word, sound, phrase, clause, or sentence - more than once


repeat, the repetition of a line, phrase or group of lines throughout a poem, usually after each stanza


the use of words that imitate sounds
ex: whirr, thud, sizzle, hiss

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