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family 3

family 3 words and expressions
일어나다 일어나요.
to get up
학교에 가요. 학교에 가다
to go to school
집에 돌아와요. 집에 돌아오다
to come back home
놀아요. 놀다
to play
텔레비전 봐요. 텔레비전 보다
to watch TV
아침(을) 먹어요. 아침(을) 먹다
to eat breakfast
점심(을) 먹어요. 점심(을) 먹다
to eat lunch
저녁을 먹어요 . 저녁을 먹다
to eat dinner
안녕히 주무세요.
Good night(When you talk to elder people)
잘 자.
Good night.(When you talk to younger people are there?)
좋은 꿈 꿔.
Sweet dreams.(When you younger people or friends)