"Big Data" Chapters 8 & 9 Questions

______ _______ deliberately blurs data so that a query of a large dataset doesn't reveal exact results but only approximate ones.
Differental Privacy
What are the three safe guards big data users must consider?
Openess, Certification and Disprovability
The concept of __________ and _________ is a lawful way to collect personal data on other people and remains a cornerstone of privacy principles around the worl.
Notice and consent
________ laws were written to protect the intellecutal property of authors and ot promote legal and economic incentives to innovate.
Before ____________ invented moveable type around 1450, the spread o fideas in the West was largely limited to personal connections.
Johannes Gutenberg
In 1954, IBM's early translation program translated bewtween _______ and English. it allowed a human to readily grasp why the software substitutted one word for another.
_______ Traslation incorporates billions of pages of translations into its judgements about things like whether the English word "light" should be "lumiere" or "l'eger" in French.
The new algorithmist professionals would be experts in which of the following areas?
Computer science, Statistics, Mathematics
(T/F) There are three strategies to ensure privacy - individual notice and consent, opting out, and anonymization.
(T/F) After retiring from th emilitary, Robert McNamara went on to run the Department of War throughout the 1990s.
(T/F) Opting out of Google's street view is untraceable to those who prefer privacy.
(T/F) As centuries passed, mankind opted for more information flows rather than less
(T/F) The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) interprets and stores billions of e-mails, phone calls, and other communications every day.
(T/F) According to the authors, the fundamental problem with using big data predicitions in the justice system is that we could punish people before they do bad.
People who work with big data have a term for when the quality of underlying information is poor: "____-in, _____-out". (Hint: Same word on both lines.)
(T/F) Specialized companies like Equifax, Experian, and Acxium collect, tabulate, and provide access to personal data fo ra carefully selectedn umber of clients worldwide.
(T/F) Statistical Control was an elite pentagon team that brought data-driven decision-making to one of the world's largest bureaucraies.
Which of the following is/are features of data profling?
(1) Find a common association in the data
(2) Define a group of people to whom it applies
(3) Place those people under additional scrutiny