Describe the SIDO team and its responsibilities
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Identify the preferred method for distribution of electronic files within the AOCAOC homepage, Shared Drives Email (not for large files), rolling notes briefIdentify the key capabilities of Battle Management Reports (BMRPT)Retrieve information from the AODB 21 adaptable and customizable preformatted reports within BMRPTIdentify the duty position in combat operations responsible for approving changes to the ATOCCOIdentify the application used to enter ATO changes into the TBMCSMCAMPIdentify the method Combat Operations Division personnel use to submit changes to the ATOATO Change sheetIdentify the primary purpose of JADOCS in an Air Operations CenterIntegrated set of tools for COD DTC for to coordinate dynamic targets, data management and analysis, mission planning, coordination and executionSelect the JADOCS functional area manager used to filter and display airspacesACO managerSelect the JADOCS functional area table used to filter and display track symbologyTrack table managerIdentify the component portion of the common operational picture that focuses on the current, projected, and planned disposition of hostile, neutral, and friendly forcesRecognized air picture (RAP)Identify an application used by AOC COD officers to view tactical aircraft information in the COD at their duty positionsJADOCSIdentify how duty officers use data link information in the CODVerify planned missions/actions are actually occuring and make recommendations for actionsState the mission of JSTARSProvides near real time surveillance and targeting information on moving and stationary ground targets, slow moving rotary and fixed wing aircraft and rotating antennaeState the mission of the PATRIOTProtect forces and selected geopolitical assets from aerial attack, missile attack and surveillanceDescribe the overall responsibility of the Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC)Commands theater ADA forces and oversees operational level planning to support brigade operations ensuring that the brigades are postured to protect theater forces and assets. (strategically deploys)Identify the primary role of the E2C HawkeyeAir Surveillance and aircraft controlIdentify the position that manages all theater air defense (AD) operationsSADOIdentify which position maintains a SADO logbook (usually electronic) and ensures DDTs maintain DDT/theater missile defense officer (TMDO) logsSADOTIdentify the position that assists the DDO by maintaining defensive fighter status, Air Defense Artillery (ADA) status, Weapons Control Status (WCS) and adw statusDDTIdentify the position that is the COD advocate for the theater ballistic missile (TBM) target setIAMDOIdentify the purpose of the AADP and TACOPDAT and how they are promulgated as it pertains to CODAADP: obtains and places forces then assigns duties and responsibilities to the forces given to accomplish the mission TACOPDAT: Permit the JFC to establish IAMD responsibilities in a tactical and dynamic environment or provide supplementary air defense orders. Integrates air def C2 & the C2 network into the theater C2 scheme (integrates ADS w/ACP)Identify who is responsible for producing the AADP and TACOPDATAADCIdentify who in the COD is responsible for overall execution of the AADPDefensive Ops Team (SADO runs it)Identify positive methods of airspace control for IAMDPositive ID, Procedural ID, combinationIdentify procedural methods of airspace control for IAMDACMIdentify characteristics of the three levels of airspace operationsCentralized control Decentralized execution AutonomousIdentify characteristics of the three types of WCSHold - Fire only if directed or in self defense Tight - Fire only at targets declared hostile Free - Fire at targets not identified as friendlyIdentify characteristics of the three types of WEZJoint engagement zone Fighter engagement zone Missile engagement zoneIdentify key documents and guidance that should be covered during every mission changeover briefBattle management authority Weapons control statusIdentify characteristics of TMHigh terminal velocity, reduced RCSIdentify the characteristics of cruise missiles20-50m AGO, subsonic/supersonic, small cross section (lower velocity)Define passive AMD as an element of IAMDHardening, Camp, CBRN, dispersalDefine active AMD as an element of IAMDActive defense targets Active defense operations HVAA ProtectionKnow the duties of the IAMD cellConducting IAMD operations in the AORKnow the duties of the IAMDOKnow and understand the IAMD framework Assists with the development/coordination of missile warning grid to ensure applicability for the theaterKnow the duties of the integrated air and missile duty technician (IAMDT)Know and understand the IAMD framework also but... Monitoring