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In a practice known as crop rotation, farmers alternate a crop of legumes (plants whose roots bear nodules containing Rhizobium) with a crop of nonlegumes. What is the benefit of this practice?


In which of the following ways can prokaryotes be considered to be more successful on Earth than humans?

e. A, B, and C are correct.

Foods can be preserved in many ways by slowing or preventing bacterial growth. Which of the following methods would not substantially inhibit bacterial growth?

b. Closing previously opened containers: Prevents more bacteria from entering.

Many physicians administer antibiotics to patients at the first sign of any disease symptoms. Why can this practice cause more problems for these patients, and for others not yet infected?

c. Overuse of antibiotics can select for antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

Broad-spectrum antibiotics inhibit the growth of most intestinal bacteria. Consequently, a hospital patient who is receiving broad-spectrum antibiotics is most likely to become ____, assuming that nothing is done to counter the reduction of intestinal bacteria.

e. deficient in certain vitamins

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