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ISO 14000


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What is it?
1. A family of standards targeted to minimize harmful impact on the environment.
2. Air quality, water & soil.
3. It does not tell you how much pollution is permitted.
4. ISO 14000 series provides a comprehensive list of good practices.
ISO 14004 -- guidelines
ISO 14001 -- standards -- also called requirements: these standards state objectives to be attained and demand verifiable metrics to be examined by the third party auditors.
Five major components of ISO 14000 series are:
Environmental management system, environmental auditing, environmental performance evaluation, environmental labeling, life cycle assessment
Why should an organization consider ISO 14000?
1. If you rely on sales to Europe, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
2. Quantify environmental risk to negotiate with an insurance carrier.
3. In the U.S., EPA is considering pilot projects that offer alternatives.
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
Six categories:
1. Manufacturing companies or subsidiaries.
2. Service companies or subsidiaries.
3. Small businesses.
4. Health care organizations.
5. Educational institutions.
6. Not-for-profit organizations.